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What this is for

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 02/07/18 18:00

What is this for

It struck me recently (at the DES Conference actually) that although I’ve been banging on about several things for several years it’s still gone over the heads of many people and they still don’t get what I’m about.

So I thought I’d use this post as a little bit of a clarification, a number of points below so you can pick or choose whether you decide to read anymore or not, whether you decide to recommend this to somebody else or to shut down your subscription

  1. I believe in healthcare. I believe that people who practise healthcare have an ethical obligation to advocate for their patients and to do the best for them. I don’t believe they have to do this for free and I believe it’s reasonable to make a living but I do not believe that the main purpose of healthcare, and in particular dentistry, is to make individuals who provide it as rich as possible at the expense of the health, wellbeing or psychological wellbeing of the people that they are supposed to serve.
  2. I believe in fairness. I believe strongly in legitimacy of authority and the fact that the rules today for all of us should be similar to the rules tomorrow and as they were yesterday. I do not believe you should work to different rules than I do and I believe you should respect my beliefs as much as I respect yours.                                                                                                            
  3. I believe that the incessant chase for money from almost everybody in society breeds unhappiness and I think that if we       could all establish a bar where we have enough, we would be happier, healthier and better than we can ever imagine. I will continue to write openly and subtly about that subject.
  4. I believe in humanity. I think humans are amazing and I think together we can be fantastic. With an abundance mentality where we share, progress and extend ourselves we can be happier and better and fairer than we have ever been before.
  5. I believe that this was not supposed to be easy. I don’t believe that doing brilliant things or having the opportunity to do brilliant things should be easy or stress free or quick.
  6. I believe in the long term. And I believe that longer term in a much longer term than me and a much longer term than I will have the opportunity to influence.
  7. I believe in you. I believe that ordinary people can do extraordinary things if they decide to do that and, if they can cast off the superficial garbage around the edges then me and you and all of us can go to extraordinary places.


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Colin Campbell
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