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The Year Implant Course

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The Campbell Academy is the standard
of dental training you have been looking for.

Struggling to get started?

Both the Year Implant and the 3-day Implant Live Skills courses facilitate a starting point for your career as an implant dentist. They also provide the added benefit of a support network to help you move confidently and competently towards placing in excess of 50 implants per year, year after year.

Looking for more practical experience?

Placing implants is a skill that needs to be continuously practised! Our courses have therefore been designed to include as much practical experience as possible in a course environment.

Struggling to reach 50 implants per year?

Our courses provide you with the confidence and support network required to move you to a position where you are placing in excess of 50 implants per year.

Looking for advanced courses?

We have a selection of further courses for when you are ready to dip your toe into more advanced surgical procedures.

In need of support with your first few cases?

We have a national mentoring scheme that will support you until you're ready to go it alone.

Looking to retain more patients?

Our courses provide an extension to your skills that helps retain patients.
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