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The Year Implant Course

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The Learning From Failure Conference

In November 2024, the Learning From Failure Conference Returns.
Some years ago, we delivered a one-day conference where people could present, talk, share things that had gone wrong in dentistry and outside of dentistry, and be honest about how hard it was to do some of the stuff we do.
We had the chief safety officer for EasyJet talk about pilot safety and the black box thinking concept.
Colin presented the case with a full arch patient who had serious complications, and they presented side by side on stage about why he didn't send Colin to the GDC following the complications that he suffered from.
The showstopper at those conferences was Craig Wales, the head and neck surgeon in Scotland, who lectured on an orbital carcinoma, which shut the room down for minutes when people could hardly speak when he reached the 'punch line'. 
And so, we do it again. Learning From Failure is back at The Campbell Academy and The Campbell Clinic on November 23rd this year. It ties up with the charity ball, a Christmas fancy dress event on the same night, so it's an amazing day out if you fancy it.
There will be five speakers in total, the 'headliner' being Michael Edwards - also known as 'Eddie the Eagle'. 
Eddie, whose story was portrayed in a Hollywood film by Taron Egerton, will discuss his incredible journey to the 1988 Olympic Games and what he learned from his failures along the way!
This is CPD with a difference. It is for people who genuinely want to improve things. This is a day of education for sharing ‘failures’ in and outside dentistry.
It's only £220, including VAT, for a not-for-profit conference with great speakers in a great venue with great food.
We really hope to see you there!

Hear from Eddie himself...



Additional speakers include:


Josh Sharpling - Letting Go of Perfection: Learning to fail at everything with Josh Sharpling
Josh will share his experiences with clinical failures in prosthodontics and the hard lessons they've taught him. He will discuss how his relentless pursuit of clinical excellence and perfectionist tendencies have sometimes been more of a burden than a benefit, impacting both his work and personal life. Reflecting on his quest for unattainable perfection, Josh will explore the challenge of balancing professional goals, ethical considerations and family life. This talk offers an honest look at the importance of embracing imperfection and focusing on what truly matters.
Colin Campbell - “Almost in Ruins”: A tale about the hazards of building a practice.

In December 2017, Colin and Alison Campbell bought a plot of land with 2 derelict houses in Edwalton, Nottingham, with a view to building a practice. Almost seven years on, Colin will recount the challenges that ultimately led to closing in March 2020 due to COVID-19 only weeks after opening. Colin will share some of the things he and Alison learned through the process to make them better, stronger, and more resilient for the next time.


Dominic Shaw - Learning from Failure: Soldier to civilian with lessons learned along the way
Dominic will discuss his time at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and his transition into becoming a practice owner. He will discuss leadership, people management, humility, focus and discipline and the lessons learned along with the way from soldier to civilian.

Eddie 'the Eagle' Edwards

English ski jumper and Olympian

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Eddie Edwards, better known as Eddie the Eagle, was born in Cheltenham, Gloucs. Eddie was destined to carry on the family business in plastering, but at 13, after a school ski trip, all that changed.

He started alpine ski racing reaching an international level, but financial costs eventually led him down a different path. Starting ski jumping in the USA, he became the first and only competitor to compete for Great Britain in the 1987 World Championships and a year later in the 1988 Winter Olympic Games in Calgary, Canada. Despite finishing 58th in both ski jumping events he captured the hearts and minds of the viewing public.

Shortly after the 1988 Winter Olympics, the entry requirement was strengthened to make it impossible for anyone to follow his example, in what was to become known as the ‘Eddie the Eagle’ rule.

After retiring from competitive ski jumping in 1998, he went back into education eventually obtaining a law degree from DeMontfort University in 2003.

Eddie continues to appear in numerous TV Shows, ranging from Sports Relief, Children in Need, The Johnny Carson Show, Winter Wipeout, The Jump, and more recently Dancing on Ice.

In 2016 his story was made into a biographical film ‘Eddie the Eagle’ portrayed by Taron Egerton and starring Huge Jackman.

He remains one of the best-loved athletes today…

Josh Sharpling

Letting Go of Perfection - learning to fail at everything

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Josh Sharpling is a specialist prosthodontist who prides himself on clinical excellence and a patient-centred approach.

Since graduating with a BDS in 2014 from King’s College London, Josh has dedicated himself to mastering the intricacies of prosthodontics, including full-mouth reconstructions and implant dentistry. This led to him completing his specialist training and his Master's degree in Prosthodontics in 2021.

He is a member of the ITI and the EAO and has presented his work at national and international conferences for both organisations.

Recently, he showcased his speaking skills in an international speaking competition for young implant dentists in the UK. He finished 2nd and was selected to represent the UK in the next round.

In his practice, Josh aspires to understand and fulfil his patients' desires, ensuring they are thoroughly informed and comfortable with their treatment plans. He strives to be recognised not just for his technical skills, but for his ability to listen and respond to patient needs, crafting treatments that best meet their expectations.

Alongside clinical dentistry, Josh enjoys teaching and mentoring. He teaches various aspects of prosthodontics to foundation dentists, qualified dentists, and students on the MSc in Aesthetic Dentistry at King’s College London.

Josh tries to achieve balance by keeping up with yoga and CrossFit and enjoys spending time with his family. His main interest outside of dentistry is cooking, and he is currently exploring the world of pizza with his new pizza oven.

Dom Shaw

Learning from Failure: Soldier to civilian with lessons learned along the way

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Dominic is a general dentist and implant surgeon at Long Crendon Dental. He has built a bespoke dental practice that values outstanding patient care and achieves this aim through team development. 

Dom has been a regular at The Campbell Academy over the past years first completing The Business Course before moving on to The Year One Implant Course and transitioning straight on to complete The Year Two Implant Course. Highlights of Dom's training at The Campbell Academy to date include completion of the CBCT, immediate full arch, sinus grafting, aesthetic implant, and advanced composite courses. 

Husband to wife Sophie, father to daughter Rose, and best friend to German Short-Haired Pointer Bella. When not working Dom loves to be outdoors.

Colin Campbell

“Almost in Ruins”: A tale about the hazards of building a practice.

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Colin’s practice is limited to surgical implant dentistry. Colin is a Specialist in Oral Surgery with considerable experience within the ITI and the Leadership of the ITI within the UK. He has placed in the region of 4,000 dental implants and restored approximately 1,000. He has been teaching in implant dentistry since 2000.

Colin has been the architect and designer of many implant courses previously for other organisations and now The Campbell Academy takes a considerable amount of his time in providing implant and dental education the way he believes it should be done.

23rd November 2024
The Campbell Academy, Nottingham
£220 Inc. VAT
5 hours


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