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The Year Implant Course

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Consultation Masterclass

Learn the system Colin uses to convert over 75% of his dental consultations for new patients.

The Consultation Masterclass by Colin Campbell aims to provide a fun, informative, and interactive day discussing all aspects relevant to dental consultations including clinical, psychological, social, and business elements.

This Masterclass aims to provide delegates with a structured format for the consultation process which Colin uses on a weekly basis ensuring a conversion rate of over 75%!

This encompasses the following elements:

  • 1. Collection of all relevant clinical material to help provide an appropriate treatment plan and to comply with the current onerous regulations.
  • 2. Personal interaction and emotional intelligence aspects of consultations which are critical to gaining a patient's trust in the provision of ethical dental care.
  • 3. Collection of metrics and key performance indicators through consultations to ensure improvement from both a clinician and patient experience.
  • 4. A suggested structured format for clinicians to take away and modify for their own clinical environment to improve their experience and the experience of their patients and their teams.
  • 5. This master class will provide lifelong value to people who attend, to help them to improve their consultation process throughout their practice for them and their colleagues.

Please note, that there are only 20 spaces available for onsite attendance at this course. If you would prefer to access an online recording from the 2022 course, please get in touch with us.

Learning Outcomes:

Following this master class delegates will have:

  • Explored and discussed the relevant clinical material to be collected at dental consultations to provide an excellent and ethical clinical experience for patients.

  • Describe and discuss psychological and emotional intelligence aspects of dental consultations when meeting a new patient to ensure patients are comfortable and can trust the clinician as an ethical and honest practitioner.

  • Understand the business aspects of dental consultations, the difference between free and paid consultations, and the collection of appropriate key performance indicators to improve consultations moving forward.

  • Delegates will be presented with a framework for a dental consultation in their practice to improve the overall experience for dentists, teams, and patients.

  • Delegates will explore the aspect of the provision of appropriate informed consent for patients during the dental process.

  • Delegates will explore and understand the delivery of the material from the consultations to patients moving forwards in new and innovative ways.

Colin Campbell


Director & Specialist in Oral Surgery

GDC No: 70058

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Colin’s practice is limited to surgical implant dentistry. Colin is a Specialist in Oral Surgery with considerable experience within the ITI and the Leadership of the ITI within the UK. He has placed in the region of 4,000 dental implants and restored approximately 1,000. He has been teaching in implant dentistry since 2000.

Colin has been the architect and designer of many implant courses previously for other organisations and now The Campbell Academy takes a considerable amount of his time in providing implant and dental education the way he believes it should be done.

8th March 2024
09:30 am
The Campbell Academy, Nottingham
£525 Inc. VAT onsite
£450 Inc. VAT live stream and recording
6 hours

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