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The Story Behind The Campbell Academy

The Campbell Academy is the standard
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"Everyone knows what they do, some people know how they do it but very few people know why they do it. The Why is a purpose, cause or belief…..”

Simon Sinek

Hello everyone,

In this little part of the website, I would really like to tell you how this all came about and where we came from. Going back to the very beginning…

I first started teaching dentists the year I qualified in 1994. I took a job at Glasgow Dental Hospital and School and then I supervised students as they took teeth out as I had done only months before. I got a real bug for it then and really wanted to carry on and continued to do bits and bobs through my time as a junior in head and neck surgery in the hospital service. I was lecturing to people at regional study days and doing team days and updates in front of people, which I love to prepare, deliver, and answer questions. When I entered VT (vocational training, now DFT) I was asked to teach the VT groups almost before I'd finished, probably because I was cheap and available. Once this had started, so began this odyssey of education where I've now delivered somewhere in the region of 2000 talks to dentists, dental teams, nurses, technicians, and all sorts of other groups of people.

As things developed, I got asked to speak more widely but I had a young family and wanted to be around and hated the idea of traveling away more and more while leaving Alison at home with everything to do. So, Andy (Legg) and I got together not long after I moved into the bungalow and The Campbell Clinic began to start to jointly start The Campbell Academy. It started by just screwing a sign on the wall and the pair of us shaking hands and deciding that we'd like to try to provide high-quality education as close to our homes as we possibly could. Many of the courses that we delivered with some of the world's best-known speakers, (Danny Buser, Michael Bornstein, Daniel Thoma) were all within walking distance of my house. This really fitted my idea of success, which was the ability to find some sort of balance between work and domestic commitments.

This began to develop a great reputation and people kept coming back. Amongst all of this, while Andy and I toiled away at different venues, providing as high-quality education as we could for implant dentists at year one and life skills courses, but also the developing business education program, we were designing our new facility. This was to be a place where we would deliver the education of our dreams in the ideal perfect circumstances.

The development of the academy was such a huge part of the integration of The Campbell Clinic rebuild project. Installing the IT, the gigabyte level internet access, the HD cameras in two treatment rooms, and the teaching space allowed us to control the environment as much as we could. It was essential to us, so we were so proud to be able to open the doors on the 20th January 2020 before we had to close for the pandemic.

Since then, things have gone from strength to strength. Andy stepped out of the academy side of things to take on a much higher profile job as the education delegate for the UK and Ireland ITI section (goodness knows where that's going to take him around the world). I've carried on developing the academy as much as possible, with new and innovative courses, more international speakers of high level, and now, a global footprint with our online business and dental nursing courses, gaining traction with the ITI. At the heart of it though, was this desire to build a tribe of people who thought what we thought and did what we did based on the principles of the ITI, which is to improve things as much as possible for the patient.

And so, The Campbell Clinic and The Campbell Academy share a why and a vision of inspiring as many people as possible through the work that we do and the example that we set. And I think our facility allows us to do that. Our amazing team and faculty allow us to do that. And we are going from strength to strength. In fact, at the moment, I have no idea where we may end up.

I hope we might see you soon for the next 30 years of our journey or as is more likely, I hope we might see you again.

All the best,


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