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The Year Implant Course

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The Campbell Academy
Curriculum in Implant Dentistry

A structured training pathway ultimately aiming to improve the education of new implant dentists to the highest quality.


The Campbell Academy Curriculum in Implant Dentistry, delivered in partnership with the International Team of Implantology (ITI) Online Curriculum, has been designed to improve the education of new implant dentists to the highest quality.

Formally launched in 2014, The Campbell Academy’s mission statement is to provide exceptional, ethical education in dentistry. So far, we have provided a fantastic series of courses based on our previous educational programs.

We have a philosophy in implant dentistry. We feel that people beginning to train in the discipline must undertake a three to five-year project to become capable, competent, and ethical practitioners. This leads to where they can place at least fifty implants a year.

Below this number, we feel that it is difficult for people to remain competent, and we are committed to assisting our delegates and friends who attend our courses to achieve this goal.

We aim to produce a community of like-minded individuals who have the patients’ best interests at heart at all times and are keen to become competent, caring, and ethical implant practitioners for the remainder of their careers.

We've been working for the last year to integrate our Curriculum with the ITI Online Curriculum, to develop education globally through online education and the introduction of the ITI qualification.

We are fortunate and privileged to have this, and it massively enhances the educational experience of the people who do our courses. 

The modular format allows individuals to complete the three years at a pace that suits them. Please note, that you do not have to complete all three years, and you can exit at any point and receive the certifications up to that level. The Curriculum prepares attendees with knowledge and experience to complete the ITI Diploma and moves individuals through the SAC (straightforward, advanced, and complex) classification in implant dentistry.

This year we launched our Year Three Implant Course, which will take people to a complex level in implant dentistry and the pinnacle of the ITI curriculum pyramid.

And so, if you're interested in implant education at a straightforward, advanced, or complex level, we have it all covered in a pathway where you can start from the beginning and take yourself to a place of wonder.

Key Features

  • A structured 3-year pathway from straightforward into advanced and finally complex implant dentistry (Year One, Year Two, and Year Three Implant Courses). You do not have to complete all three years; you can exit at any point and receive the certifications up to that level.

  • Access to an ITI Classroom, containing a vast library of additional resources to complement the material we provide directly here at The Campbell Academy.

  • Access to a certificate on completion of the courses. ITI Foundation Level (Year One), ITI Intermediate Level (Year Two), and by the end of Year Three, you will be ready, both in knowledge and experience, to enrol in the ITI Diploma.


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Curriculum in Implant Dentistry
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