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Sinus Grafting Live Skills

Receive an exceptional introduction to sinus grafting

The aim of our Sinus Grafting Live Skills course is to give all delegates the greatest exposure to sinus grafting procedures possible in a course environment.

Using a combination of model surgery, cadaver surgery (with the latest cadaver technology) and live surgical sessions, delegates will be exposed to the maximum amount of sinus grafting procedures to give them the best possible grounding to provide this procedure for their own patients.

Comprising of two days in Nottingham, including didactic teaching and observation of live surgery at The Campbell Clinic, and a day of cadaver surgery at The West Midlands Surgical Training Centre, this promises to be the best possible introduction for clinicians to provide sinus grafts on their own patients 

Day 1:

Introduction to Sinus Grafting, including patient assessment for sinus augmentation, equipment and instrumentation required for sinus grafting, simultaneous placement in sinus augmentation, CBCT in sinus augmentation and the science of bone augmentation material. 

Day 2:

Live cadaver anatomy dissection and discussion, live demonstration of sinus augmentation and discussion of complications in sinus grafting and obtaining consent for sinus augmentation. 

Day 3: 

Live Surgery Day which will be carried out at The Campbell Clinic using our audiovisual set up which allows you to see sinus grafting being carried out by Colin in an environment where you are able to ask questions and discuss the case as the surgery proceeds.


Learning Outcomes: 

Following the course delegates who attend will understand and have achieved competency in:

  1. Be able to discuss and describe sinus augmentation in different approaches.
  1. Understand surgical anatomy related to sinus grafting.
  1. Be familiar with assessing patients for sinus grafting.
  1. Understand the difference between lateral window and transcrestal sinus grafting and when to use both.
  1. Have performed sinus grating on cadavers and models.
  1. Have a working knowledge of equipment required for sinus grafting procedures
  1. Be aware of different grafting materials and techniques available.
  1. Have developed a working knowledge of CBCT in sinus grafting
  1. Understand common peri and post operative complications in sinus grafting

Colin Campbell


Director & Specialist in Oral Surgery

GDC No: 70058

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Colin’s practice is limited to surgical implant dentistry. Colin is a Specialist in Oral Surgery with considerable experience within the ITI and the Leadership of the ITI within the UK. He has placed in the region of 4,000 dental implants and restored approximately 1,000. He has been teaching in implant dentistry since 2000.

Colin has been the architect and designer of many implant courses previously for other organisations and now The Campbell Academy takes a considerable amount of his time in providing implant and dental education the way he believes it should be done.

Andrew Legg


Dental Surgeon

GDC No: 79203

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Dr Andrew Legg graduated from the University of Manchester in 2001. Extensive experience in general practice has given Andrew grounding in all aspects of dental care allowing a fully comprehensive approach to patient care.

Andrew has undertaken countless hours of training, including an 18-month Clinical Certificate in Implantology at the University of Sheffield and Advanced Surgical Training at the Royal College of Surgeons.

Craig Wales


Consultant Maxillofacial/Head & Neck Surgeon

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I am a Consultant Maxillofacial/ Head & Neck Surgeon, based at the Regional Maxillofacial Surgery Unit, Southern General Hospital, Glasgow.

Qualifying from Glasgow University in 1994, I completed specialist training in the West of Scotland and Yorkshire, Additionally, I undertook a Head and Neck Reconstructive Fellowship at the prestigious Rechs der Isar hospital, Munich.

4th - 6th May 2022
9:00 am
The Campbell Academy, Nottingham & The West Midlands Surgical Training Centre
£3150 Inc. VAT
18 hours

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