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Coronavirus update 


It is likely that most of us have now closed our practices to all but the direst of dental emergencies due to the current guidelines surrounding COVID-19, but it is in our best interest to continue providing top-class education. 

Society is changed rapidly, and we hope for a temporary period but there is much uncertainty around.

We have done a lot of work over the past week or so at the academy, to try to continue to facilitate education of the highest possible standard within the circumstances with which we find ourselves in.

We are providing Modules three and four of The Business Course this week virtually on the topic of finance and marketing, with The Campbell Clinic team and Chris Barrow.

We plan to provide the first part of the CBCT course virtually, as we have done previously with Michael Bornstein and myself.

We have repurposed The Year Long course to provide the academic teaching content of the surgical and restorative elements for the next days and postponed the clinical days to a more appropriate time.

We have examined this carefully and considered all possible options, including closing down courses and writing off 2020 and starting again in January 2021.

We do not feel that this is the most appropriate action at the present time, when we want to keep ourselves together, talking, learning and supporting.

We really hope you agree with this and hope that you see the benefit of trying to carry on through this difficult period, to be the best prepared when we exit this at the other side.

Tom and the team and I are here for you guys at any time to speak and discuss as needed and please keep an eye out, as we start to produce some free to access content for those who may require it. 

We are here to help in any way that we can and if there is anything you need then let us know.

What we have said to our teams in both the Clinic and the Academy is, we don’t know there is a problem unless you tell us but if you do tell us, we will do everything we can to fix it.

I look forward to seeing you soon, please do everything you can to support our brothers and sisters in front line NHS care.

Stop moving, stay at home, treat only dire dental emergencies and when the time comes, consider the prospect of re-purposing yourself into front line NHS care to do whatever is required to help, to free up much needed resources right at the front line.

We wish you all the very best in the weeks and months to come and hope that we’ll be able to convene again together on a sunny day in Nottingham to do something cool!

From The Campbell Academy team 


If you have any other questions please do get in touch.
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