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The Year Implant Course

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Frequently Asked Questions

The most commonly asked questions answered below

The Year Implant Training

The Year Implant Course

Does your course follow the faculty and GDC guidelines for implant training?

The faculty syllabus balances didactic learning and practical exercises to give a comprehensive introduction into dental implantology. It is based around the FGDP Guidelines which can be found here. You must be comfortable that you are working within your own limits of knowledge and practical skill and The Academy will work with you to accomplish this.

Why should I choose this course over an MSc?

  • The Campbell Academy Year Implant course will give you the knowledge and skills to introduce dental implants into your own working practice. You will gain the necessary supervised surgical and restorative experience to allow you to embark on your 5 year journey towards 50 implants per year.
  • An MSc is a predominantly academic qualification and in our opinion is suited for dentists with significant implant experience allowing them to expand their knowledge further and focus a research project on their own area of interest. For more information, please read Colin Campbell’s blog on the MSc which can be found here.

How much does it cost, can I spread the cost?

The course costs £10,380 + VAT. You can reserve your space with a non-refundable deposit of £1,650 + VAT with the remaining course fee paid throughout the course year in monthly installments.

Which implant system do you use?

We use the Straumann implant system which is one of the most well-known and well researched implant systems in the world.

Do I have to bring my own patients?

We encourage all of our delegates to bring their own patients to treat at the clinic as part of the course. The patient will pay a reduced clinic rate and the price list is available on request. If you are struggling to source your own patients, please speak with us about this to see if we are able to provide some support through The Campbell Clinic. You can read our policy on providing patients for courses here.

Will I actually physically be placing implants while I train?

You will have the opportunity to place implants under supervision on your own patients. The course includes 3 clinical days which are there for you to utilise as you wish.

Do you have any testimonials that I can watch or read?

“I have just completed the year implant course with the Campbell Academy team. It is a total game-changer. The course is well thought out, structured, and organised. All the team are passionate educators and put a tremendous effort into helping each and every delegate grow their skills safely and with confidence. They have focused on intimate small-group teaching, and, as a result, you get a massive return for your investment.

There is a multitude of implant courses in the UK market, however, I doubt any come close to the quality and outstanding value this course offers. Do not hesitate, get on it. You will love it!” 

Gregor McGlashan

Click here to view all of our video testimonials.


Who else is on the faculty team?

We invite renowned speakers from around the UK and Europe to speak on our courses alongside Academy Director Colin Campbell. This includes Andrew Legg, Beatriz Sanchez, Michael Bornstein, Colin Burns, and Chris Barrow.

Please visit our faculty page here for more information on any of our speakers.

What happens after I complete the course?

After you have completed our year implant course we will link you up with a mentor as part of the Straumann Clinical Mentoring Scheme. We then encourage you to consolidate your learning and begin to place implants in your own practice. You will then be invited on our Year 2 course which will expand your knowledge and surgical skills further.

Is there a course that my dental nurse can attend?

We have just launched our brand-new Campbell Academy’s Online Dental Implant Nursing Course that has been designed by nurses, for nurses!

The entire course is completed online on The Campbell Academy's Learning Management System and Slack channel.

Click here to find out more!

Live Skills & Masterclasses

Live Skills Courses

Does this course fit within the GDC or faculty guidelines?

Our live skills courses provide introductions to certain aspects of implant dentistry; aesthetics, sinus grafting, full arch treatments. They will fulfil certain aspects of the faculty guidelines but only alongside other comprehensive training and mentoring.

Can I pay the course fees in instalments?

We are more than happy to accept payment for our Live Skills courses in instalments. Initially we require a 10% deposit to reserve your place with the remaining payment required 6 weeks prior to the course date to confirm your place. Alternatively, if preferred you can pay the entire fee upfront.

How many other people on the course?

Places on our Live Skills courses are limited with the capacity ranging between 8 and 12 delegates (depending on which specific course you chose to attend). We believe for the benefit of the delegates attending it is important to run our courses with modest, tight-knit groups with a high educator to delegate ratio.

How are the live skills courses delivered/run?

The courses are run over three days. The first two days are a combination of didactic teaching and model based simulation exercises. The third day will either be a surgery demonstration (sinus/full arch), or you carrying out surgery on a live patient (live skills and aesthetic).

Which live skills course should I choose?

Our live skills courses are for those who are competent and confident with straightforward implant dentistry and are now looking to tackle more advanced and complex treatments. 

These courses provide teaching and hands-on experience related to GBR, aesthetic implant dentistry, sinus grafting, and immediate full arch loading.

In doing so, you will be able to treat more patients in-house, rather than referring them out, and therefore significantly expand your implant service.

If you are looking to gain confidence and competence in placing straightforward dental implants and want to achieve this through a blend of theory-based teaching and hands-on experience, guided by respected and experienced clinicians then our Online Implant Restorative Course and Year Implant courses are ideal for those wanting to dip their toe in implants.

Will I need to provide the patients to practise on?

The Aesthetic Live Skills courses include the treatment of real life patients if you are able to provide your own patient for the course.

What will happen after the course mentoring wise?

The Campbell Academy is one of the founding partners of the Straumann Mentoring Service. As such we have a network of country wide mentors, trained to our own exacting standards who are ready to take you to the next level of your implant training.

Where will I be learning? What is the state of the facilities?

All clinical days take place at The Campbell Clinic in West Bridgford, Nottingham which provides state-of-the-art training facilities for implant training and the didactic days take place in our Academy classroom.

How many patients and how many cases will I work on?

If attending our Aesthetic Live Skills course, you will observe live surgery performed by either Colin or Andy via our live audio-visual link allowing you to discuss and ask questions throughout. If you can provide a patient who will most likely require one implant, you can practise placing yourself.

What’s the end point? What will I be able to do by the end of the course?

Depending on your choice of course you will have a better knowledge of your chosen aspect of implant dentistry. You will be able to give patients a better understanding of the options available and with further mentoring be able to introduce your new skills into your practice.

For those on our introduction course, you will hopefully find the drive you were looking for to move into a career in implant dentistry. The natural follow on for this is our year long implant course.

For those on our aesthetic, sinus and full arch courses, you will start to work with your mentors providing more complex treatments to your patients under controlled supervision.

Who has completed the training before and can I speak with them?

We would be more than happy to put in you in contact with a number of delegates who have previously completed our Live Skills courses. If this is of interest please get in touch and we can facilitate this.

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