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Learning Centre

Take a browse through our range of ebooks, blogs and videos discussing a variety of topics.

The Learning Centre

Welcome to The Campbell Learning Centre.

Within these pages you will find a variety of ebooks, blogs and videos around the subject of implant dentistry, ethics and business. These have been written or recorded by Academy Directors Colin Campbell and Andrew Legg.

Included in the video section are some surgical videos recorded at The Campbell Clinic.

We hope you find the content useful and if you do have any questions please do get in touch by clicking contact at the top right of the page.

Ps. You can always find the most recent publication on this page!


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How to place 50 implants per year
The True Cost of Dental Implant Training
How to master a skill
Ten Questions to ask before booking an implant course
3 secrets to a successful dental career
Am I ready to take on implant dentistry?
Are your surgical skills good enough?
to msc or not msc
What are the best options after dental school?
Developing surgical skills for implants?
Your Journey Through Implant Dentistry
CBCT in Modern Dental Practice
Preventing a GDC Investigation by Colin Campbell
The Business Case for Dental ethics by Colin Campbell
Practice Owners - What is the best implant course for you?
The young practice owner - where next?
The Business case for bringing dental implants into your practice?
Providing Dental Implants yourself or referring out?
Stuck in a rut? Lateral benefits of training in implant dentistry
Profit vs Ethics - The Prethical Dilemma
building the modern independent dental practice
CBCT in Modern Dental Practice
The business case for dental ethics by Colin Campbell
Clinical Skills vs Business performance
Lost in the wilderness
Profit Vs Ethics
Preventing a GDC investigation by Colin Campbell
building the modern independent dental practice
Straightforward Implant Placement
Reporting a Sirona CBCT Scan in Gallileos
Reporting a Carestream CBCT Scan
Sinus Lift Surgery with tear
Immediate Full Arch Surgery
Building the Modern, Independent Dental Practice Business
The Learning From Failure Conference
The DES Conference
The Learning From Failure Conference
The DES Conference