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Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 01/08/18 18:00


It’s not new podcasting but it is great!

Firstly, it’s generally free.

Secondly, it generally comes in bitesize sections that are easy to manage when you’re walking the dog, driving the car or walking to work.

Thirdly, it’s pretty much available on every single device you could think of so you never have to buy anything to get it.

Finally, there are a billion podcasts out there so there’s definitely one for your weird hobby or nude microwave baking!

You can’t listen to them all but you can pick ones that you like and there are several I would recommend if you’re looking around.

The first is S-Town this was recommended to me by Ross Anderson and is one of the most remarkable pieces of journalistic work you’re ever likely to hear. It’s just totally different from anything you’ve ever heard.

S-Town would take you onto Serial – This American Life. It’s compulsive.

Thirdly, try Akimbo by Seth Godin if you like anything he’s ever done.

If you like cycling the ITV cycling podcasts are brilliant, particularly the Tour de France with Robert Millar and Chris Boardman.

Last but not least, The Last Tuesday Project with contributions by Shaun Sellars. These are just ‘normal’ guys putting together hilarious podcasts with brilliant concepts.

So why all the podcast stuff?

It was time to move the blog along into a better, more manageable stream of consciousness. It is no secret that the blog gets dictated and then is typed and edited by Marie Price (back from maternity leave after having her twins)

The difficulty with me starting a podcast is… I have no idea where to start so I needed some help and expertise.

So, Shaun (Sellars) and I teamed up, him of The Last Tuesday Project and also one of the most amazing lectures I ever saw which was ‘Don’t be a bell end’ which was presented at our Failure Conference.

This was one of the greatest surprises and most wonderful joys I’ve seen in education and should go around the country now as a world tour.

Shaun has some expertise in podcasting now through The Last Tuesday Project so recently we met up and recorded the first three episodes of what we’ve called ‘Incisive Decisive’

It’s a new stream of consciousness (and it won’t replace the blog but it might be more accessible to people who like to listen instead of read).

It will come out with some sort of regularity but we don’t know what that is and it certainly won’t be short on content (although I’m not sure about the quality of my contribution)

We’re putting together the finishing touches on the post production (and when I say ‘we’ I mean ‘Shaun’ – thankyou mate!) and we’re looking to launch it in the next little while.

I’ll talk about it a little bit here so watch out. It’s a great bit of fun and will allow some interaction and some feedback and we really hope you like it.

It’ll be ethics, philosophy, dentistry and pretty much anything. If you haven’t done podcasts before then have a look at the ones above, obviously in preparation for the main event!!


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Colin Campbell
Written by Colin Campbell
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