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Ross and Morag

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Anderson Dentistry, Aberfeldy

"Book on, before it gets booked up. That’s what I would say to anybody. You’re going to miss out on a good course if you’re too slow."

Ross and Morag


Both Ross and Morag Anderson are General Dentists who work at their own practice Anderson Dentistry in Aberfeldy, Perth. 

What did we learn from attending the course?

So, we signed up for Colin’s course because we knew we needed to take on some business strategies and learn things that we didn’t know.

We hadn’t realised just how much we didn’t know until we came here, we have a to do list as long as your arm but we’re really positive about the outcomes. We’re really excited about the changes which we have already started to make. The course has been revolutionary for us, it’s allowed us time to reflect on our business, time with each other, time with peers, Colin and all the experts that Colin has brought in.

We’ve never had that, we’re 20 years into dentistry and we’ve never had that experience. There is no point in gaining all these great skills in dentistry if your business isn’t there to support it.

It’s not just a tick box, where you turn up, somebody lectures, you try not to fall asleep and you leave, you are involved, it’s very interactive and not for the faint hearted. Only commit to this course if you really want to make a change, that’s what is so good, we’ve met like-minded people who are like us. We’ve learned as much from each other, things that we’ve tried and tested, as we have from Colin and his fantastic team.

The course is very cleverly designed, so you don’t just go home and forget about it, it’s structured so you go back to your practice and you make changes.

I would recommend this course to anybody and everybody that is involved in any aspect of dentistry, whether you’re a Specialist, in general practice, you’ve just graduated and want to develop in your own sphere or whether you’re like us and been on the block for a long time but you need help. It’s for absolutely anybody, but you have to come with an open mind. It’s not one model fits all.

People came to the course with different and similar problems but all those problems have been dealt with and engaged so that we can all grow the way that we want to grow.

We now leave with a five-year business plan that's modelled on the course that we’ve just attended. 

The support is incredible, because being a business person in dentistry can be quite a lonely place, dentists don't share business problems with each other particularly and this has been such an open forum that everyone's just opening themselves up; the rewards we are getting from that are huge.

How has The Business Course impacted Anderson Dentistry?

Key aspects of the course that we implemented into our practice were probably taking more control of our finances, understanding what our finance module should be and rolling that out to everybody within the practice so that we were all moving towards the same end goal which was running a good business clinically but a good business financially as well.

This course is an absolute no brainer. In that it I mean it brings you forward, it helps you understand your business and I've never had such an open forum where I've been able to discuss my business with other people. It's really strengthened our business and also allowed us to become a bit more in control.

Everyone is agreeing that we've all got a lot out of the course, whether it's financial growth or it's less stress in the business or whether it's a clear idea where you're going, we've all gained and everyone's got out of it what they looked to get. 

Book on, before it gets booked up. That’s what I would say to anybody. You’re going to miss out on a good course if you’re too slow.

Amit and Mumta

Business Course delegates 

Andrew Isaac

Year Implant Course delegate 

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Business Course delegate 

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Year Implant Course delegate 

Ross and Morag

Business Course delegates 

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Gregor McGlashan