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Amit and Mumta

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Abbey House Dental, Staffordshire

"This course is for people who are inspired by new things, who want to improve themselves and be the best."

Amit and Mumta


My name is Amit Jilka and I attended The Business Course with my wife, Mumta.  We both own a dental practice in Staffordshire called Abbey House Dental.

What did we learn from attending the course?

The course has been mind-blowing in terms of what they're coming out with. I wish there was a course like this when we first bought our practice six years ago, we would have set up a lot of things that we've done wrong and got ourselves into a good position. 

It's given us a really good strategic plan to work towards. It's definitely helped us identify weak areas, for instance managing the finance of a practice, managing goals and putting them into place and what we want to achieve in the next two to three years.

It's given us a pathway to work towards. The key thing is to be monitoring everything that we're doing at the practice and learning from it rather than just letting things be. I think that's the biggest thing that we've taken from it and understanding the reasons why we are doing what we are doing. I think that’s been a big thing for us and using that as a source of making decisions at the practice.

This course is for people who are inspired by new things, who want to improve themselves and be the best. That's who I would recommend this to; those practices who wish to be the best.

How has The Business Course impacted Abbey House Dental?

I think the main things we have changed, we changed many things in our practice, but I think Human Resources was a massive thing in terms of the staff and their training pathways and the marketing has changed significantly too.

Those are probably the two biggest things but also analysing our figures to see how we're doing and our numbers to make sure that were providing a good service and making the most of it.

I think the other thing was that we actually developed a proper brand, what is it that Amit and Mumta stand for in their dental practice and that brand in itself has kind of become the basis of everything that we're doing at the moment. It's reflected in our HR, in our organisation, it's reflected in our patient journeys and just the whole atmosphere at the practice has changed I think for the better because we've focused on all these individual things.

I think when we first started the course the question was why we're doing what we're doing and that's become the basis of everything that we're doing at the moment, not just for ourselves but for our staff and for our patients. There's a core value to everything that we're doing because there's a reason behind it.

We would recommend the course definitely because it gives you a pathway and a plan of where to implement things.

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