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Time to step up

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 16/11/21 18:00


Todays discussion with the senior leadership guys at The Clinic is about an article from the BBC about the struggling NHS. 

Earlier this year as part of our whole business assessment and strategy project in the practice, we carried out a PEST analysis and this just confirms everything we thought and how the need for an increase in the capacity in private dentistry (and complete private healthcare) will only continue and continue and continue.

If you don’t believe that then read the article and you can view it here. 

With that in mind, the demand for independent or private dentistry (or whatever you want to call dentistry outside of the NHS) will increase and increase and also the amount of people at the top of the profession retiring will increase due to the difficulty in the environment within which they work in compared to what it used to be. 

And so, for all of us it’s either time to step up or step out. 

At The Campbell Academy we’ve always been about preparing people practically and clinically to do better things and greater things and more complicated things than they were able to do before. 

We really feel that the implant education that we’ve developed goes completely in the opposite direction from that of an MSc or other formal academic qualifications, in preparing people for real-life dentistry in order to make a success of themselves at the coalface as a ‘white-handed’ dentist. 

We plan to continue to develop courses in different aspects of dentistry to move people along as we’ve done with Composite and CBCT interpretation and all sorts of other things. 

Our latest development though and one which we are really excited about is our Year Endodontic course in collaboration with Bill Seddon. 

When we were looking to secure long-term Endodontic capacity at the start of last year,  I was introduced to Bill and finally felt that I’d found somebody who shared my philosophy of practice but around an Endodontic model. 

There’s no question that Bill is an exceptional Endodontist who has taken an atypical pathway to training but who has been associated with some of the greatest names in Endodontics, in particular in the United States. 

His attention to detail in his work, the way that he pre-reviews every single case that he provides and his ability to explain Endodontics to an idiot like me means that he’s an extraordinary person to learn from. 

The Year Endodontic Course follows a similar format to our Year Implant Course and is designed to provide attendees with the ability to move forwards providing complex Endodontics in their own practice and, dare I say it, for referrals for other practitioners who don’t provide this type of treatment. 

It’s based at The Campbell Academy in Nottingham (obviously) and is based around our technology here including live Endodontics and also the opportunity to perform Endodontics on patients in a peer review environment. 

That is in fact what I think sets it apart from many other courses, is the ability to provide the treatment supervised in the way that you’ve been taught. 

Bill has put together an amazing group of people to teach on the course and an amazing group of supporters. It will include all the modern aspects of Endodontics including CBCT provided by Michael Bornstein. 

This will not be for everyone but I feel that it’s time for all of us to step up. 

If we want to live in a world beyond that which we’ve already been in then, we will have to do something different to get to that world. 

If you think your route might be Endodontics or that it might be a part of your route then I would recommend you have a look at this course and hope that we might see you when the first edition starts next year. 

If you need any more information hit reply to this and we will send more across! 


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Colin Campbell
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