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The Year Endodontic Course


The Year Endodontic Course 2022

March 2022 - November 2022


The Campbell Academy


The Year Endodontic Course
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Our Aim

Exceptional Endodontic Education: A year course for those who wish to learn clinical Endodontics to the highest standards.

This course will provide a framework for clinicians who wish to practice clinical endodontics to the highest standards at least 2 days a week, and increase their referral base. It will enable them to take on 95% of initial treatment cases to a world-class standard, and give an introduction to retreatment Endodontics.

The Year Endodontic Course Mini-Residency with The Campbell Academy is a training pathway for those who wish to learn clinical Endodontics to the highest standards. 

A course that is designed for clinicians looking to practice Endodontic dentistry for at least 2 days a week and subsequently increase their referral base. Microscope-based treatment will be central to the course, and we shall encompass both nonsurgical and surgical Endodontics, and show technologies at the very leading edge of treatment.

Reading material will be provided, and all clinical teaching will be evidence-based. This is not a course on the literature, but a course on how to treat patients. It will be based on Bill Seddon's experiences of referral-based Endodontics over the last 25 years and have input from renowned international external speakers.  Live demonstrations and treatment will be included, and following completion of the course you should have the knowledge to treat all initial treatment cases and many re-treatment cases.

There will be an emphasis on free-thinking, and an introduction to cognitive science will be in the early part of the course.  We shall have regular case reviews and a platform for online sharing with peer 
discussion of cases included.

Each delegate will:

  • Have an understanding of Microscopy in Endodontics.
  • Learn the value of Teamwork (with specific assistant training for nurses).
  • Learn about Probability, Testing, and Risk.
  • Understand Diagnosis, Imaging, and use of CBCT.
  • Learn how to prevent and manage Iatrogenic Incidents.
  • Learn the Business of Endodontics - how to attract referrals.
  • Learn how to take ownership of their cases and be Ethical.
  • Have access to TDO (The Digital Office) Postgrad software and mentoring for a further 2 years after completing the course.
  • Experience hands-on use of multiple contemporary file systems and obturation methods.
  • Observe and undertake live microscopic patient treatment under the direct supervision of their mentor.
  • Be introduced to the technologies that help us keep teeth for longer, and understand what we do to teeth that precipitate their loss.
Day 1 - Introduction to The Year Endodontic Course

Topics to be discussed

Introduction to The Year Endodontic course to include:

  • Theory of Endodontics: Origin and History, what has technology done for success?
  • Microscopy in Endodontics: Origins, why it's essential for world-class endodontics.  Building your practice around a microscope, both in Endodontics and restorative dentistry.
  • Ergonomics - The Digital Office design features.
  • Introduction to the online aspects of the course.
Day 2 - Teamwork in Endodontics

Topics to be discussed

  • Assistant training - practical.
  • Rubber Dam made simple - Hands-on: delegates should either bring their assistant with them or will pair up with another attendee.
Day 3 - Probability, Testing and Risk with Kehn Yapp

Topics to be discussed

  • Reflection and discussion around Kehn's talk and applying that knowledge to Endodontics.
  • Understanding Diagnosis, Imaging and use of CBCT.
  • Microbiology, Biofilms.
  • Instrumentation and Irrigation.

Day 4 - CBCT day with Michael Bornstein

Topics to be discussed

  • Practical - Reading and manipulation of scans by the delegates.
Day 5 - Access and Instrumentation: Hands-on exercises with Bill Seddon & John Valentine

Topics to be discussed

  • Working length and working width, use of apex locators.
  • Access instrumentation with various rotary file systems via Wrights, Kavo Kerr, Toothsaver. Delegates will experience a minimum of 3 different file systems.
  • Access in extracted teeth with the use of ultrasonics and microscopes. 
Day 6 - Obturation: Hands-on with Bill Seddon & John Valentine

Topics to be discussed

  • Classic WV, Bioceramics, MTA.
  • Hands-on: obturation using warm vertical, carrier-based, and bioceramics.
  • Case discussions, reviews, and mentoring with self-reflection.
  • Microscopes are available for all on days 5 and 6.  
Day 7 & 8 - Surgical Endodontics, Trauma, and Resorption with Carlos Aznar Portoles

Topics to be discussed

  • Introduction to Guided Acess with Carlos.
  • Hands-on surgical flap design.
Day 9 - Minimally Invasive and non-invasive Endodontics with [Rahul Goria]

Topics to be discussed

  • Access design and image-guided endodontics.
  • Enhanced irrigation, gentlewave, and lasers.
  • Use of ultrasonics in access, irrigation, obturation, pretreatment, and restorative.
  • Prevention and management of latrogenic incidents: Perf repairs, Biodentine Putties.
Day 10 - Pain Emergency Management

Topics to be discussed

  • Single versus multi-visit, when and why?
  • Demo operatory/plenary session
Day 11 - Clinical Day

The first of two clinical days where delegates have the opportunity to work on their own patients alongside our mentors.

Day 12 - Clinical Day
The second of two clinical days where delegates have the opportunity to work on their own patients alongside our mentors.
Day 14 - Restorative Following Endodontics: thinking like a restorative dentist

Topics to be discussed

  • Use of bitewings/rubber dam isolation, matrices.
  • Amalgam Core build-ups.
  • Cast Gold Post Vs Fibre Post.
  • Restoring Porcelain Accesses.
Day 13 - Law & Ethics with David Hartoch

Topics to be discussed

  • The Business of Endodontics: How to attract referrals, the value of good photos, documentation, lunch 'n learn & social media.
  • Round Table - evaluation.

Bill Seddon


BDS Sheffield

GDC No: 65830

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Bill graduated from the University of Sheffield in 1990. He began his dental career in NHS practice in Wigan.

In 1992 he worked as an associate in Chesterfield gaining valuable endodontic experience with Brian Kirkland. In 1995 he worked in group practices within Sheffield and Chesterfield performing mainly endodontic procedures, treating around 3000 endodontic cases.

Carlos Aznar Portoles


Lic Odonto. 2004

MSc in Endodontics 2014

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Dr. Carlos Aznar Portoles received his BDS from the International University of Catalonia in Spain in 2004. In 2009, he completed an MSc program in endodontics at the same university. In 2014, he completed a postgraduate program in endodontics at the Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam in the Netherlands. (ACTA)

Carlos runs a private practice limited to endodontics and endodontic microsurgery in Haarlem, The Netherlands.

He is the author of several endodontic-related articles and lectures regularly at national and international meetings.

David Hartoch


BDS, retired Dec 2021

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David qualified from the University of Dundee in 1984 and was soon the principal of a small practice in Lincolnshire. After a few years he kick-started his postgraduate interests completing a number of diploma courses and following being selected as a Foundation Dentist Educational Supervisor in 2000 he became a Training Programme Director in Yorkshire Deanery.

The experience of running a practice without delegation and the skills associated with a Deanery Adviser led to a diverse knowledge including leadership, interviewing skills, practice management, practice inspections, and mentoring.

Michael Bornstein

Clinical Director & Professor

Prof. Dr.Med. dent.

Department of Oral Health & Medicine University Center for Dental Medicine Basel (UZB) (Switzerland)

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Michael qualified in 1998 before achieving his PhD in 2001 from the University of Basel. He continued his training in Oral Surgery and Stomatology in Basel before becoming a board-certified Oral Surgeon in June 2003.

Since April 2014 he has been an associate Professor at the University of Bern. Michael is a board-certified Oral Surgeon with extensive experience in dental radiology, Cone Beam CT, and Oral Surgery including GBR and bio-resorbable membranes.

Kehn Yapp


BDSc DCD (Endo)

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Dr. Kehn Yapp is an Australian endodontist in Melbourne, Victoria. In 2008, he obtained his Bachelor of Dental Science degree from The University of Melbourne. After two years in general private practice, he commenced specialty training at The University of Melbourne and completed his Doctor of Clinical Dentistry in Endodontics in 2013.

From 2014, he began specialist endodontic practice in regional New South Wales and returned to Melbourne in 2019 where he maintains an endodontic private practice.

Rahul Goria

Specialist in Endodontics


GDC No: 74577

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Rahul graduated from the University of Manchester in 1998, being awarded the Frank Sutcliffe Memorial Prize in Dentistry. After completing vocational training, he worked as a Senior House Officer in the Department of Orthodontics and Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Kings Lynn. Rahul obtained his Membership in the Faculty of Dental Surgery from The Royal College of Surgeons of England in 2000.


Day 1 & 2

Day 3 & 4

Day 5 & 6

Day 7 & 8

Day 9 & 10

Day 11 

Day 12 

Day 13 & 14

Dates (2022)

24th & 25th March 2022

12th & 13th May 2022

7th & 8th July 2022

15th & 16th September 2022

5th & 6th October 2022

7th October 2022

23rd November 2022

24th & 25th November 2022










Key Features:

  • Microscope based treatment will be central to the course with support from industry sponsors.
  • Delegates will be entitled to free use of TDO (The Digital Office) postgrad edition software for the duration of the course, and access to the unrivalled forums that this provides.
  • An international faculty supporting Bill Seddon.
  • State-of-the-art training facilities at The Campbell Academy.
  • A hands-on course including 2 clinical days where delegates have the opportunity to work on their own patients alongside our mentors.
  • Access to our course messaging platform (Slack) and the Online Academy.
  • Course evening socials and exceptional refreshments on course days.



A course that will provide a framework for clinicians who wish to practice clinical endodontics to the highest standards at least 2 days a week, and increase their referral base.


A course that will provide access to TDO (The Digital Office) Postgrad software and mentoring for a further two years after completing the course.


A practical-based course that includes the observation and undertaking of live microscopic patient treatment under the direct supervision of a mentor.


A course delivered by international faculty at state of the art facility in Nottingham.

Location and Venue


The Campbell Academy

Edwalton Business Park

Landmere Lane

West Bridgford


NG12 4JL

Tel: 0115 982 3919

Sponsors & Partners

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The Year Endodontics Course


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