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The more things change (Re-designing The Business Course)

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 07/07/19 18:00

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The story of how our Campbell Academy Course, “Building the Modern, Independent Dental Practice”, came about, has been told lots of times now, but in case you were unaware…

As with many of these things, it happened by chance on a sunny afternoon sitting outside a pub. Gary Marvin (formally of Straumann UK, now Straumann Europe) and I were sat outside having a chat and the Business Course came from there.

I had thought it was years away and in fact it was weeks away and we launched a course for Straumann in 2017.

Since that time, things have changed, moved and altered, and we have wanted to improve and develop the course further. So on the 15th July this year we will relaunch for 2020 a redesigned, revamped and reinvested Business Course.

Relaunches are a funny thing, because often it’s just the parcelling up of an old product, giving it a bit of a polish and pushing it back out to make more noise.

This Business Course relaunch is a little bit different to that.

First thing that is changing is the venue.

The venue for the 2020 Business Course (we call it TBOB- The Business Of Business) will be at the new Campbell Clinic and Campbell Academy facility in Nottingham. If you haven’t seen the fly through to this then click here.

Effectively this is the physical manifestation of our business philosophy and the entire course will be in that facility with pretty much open access for delegates to learn as much as they can, from the mistakes that we’ve made and the small triumphs that we have been able to secure.

Secondly in the redesigning is the philosophy of teaching. The first versions of the business course were based heavily around the alternative of MBA (ALT MBA) which was a hugely innovative business course provided by Seth Gordon, which Tom Reason (our Academy Manager) had attended.

While we’ve kept the essence of that, within the course, we have also added in other aspects of contemporary teaching methods, after I’ve had the opportunity to look round several university teaching facilities, outside of dentistry to see what is happening in teaching in those areas.

This will reinvigorate and reinvent our group work and workshops within the Business Course and give the maximum benefit and maximum value for the people that attend.

Thirdly the syllabus has been completely formalised to make sure that everybody who attends the course, receives all of the information that they need to exit the course with their next 3 year business plan in place.

We have reworked the reading list and how we give the books to delegates. We have reworked the projects (effectively the compulsory homework, that needs to be done between the modules) and we have reinvigorated the online discussion groups to make sure delegates are keeping in close contact between modules and even after the course has finished.

If you have spoken to people that have done our Business Course before, I think pretty much all of them will tell you that it was a great course and that they were glad that they did it.

I think the vast majority, will also tell you that they made their money back off the course, through the things that they learned from the first 2 modules alone.

But as with many things related to the new facility, we want to increase success ability and have a positive impact on more people.

So, the fourth thing that we have done and perhaps more significant to many is that we redesigned the course to reduce the cost.

The Building a Modern, Independent Dental Practice Course is £7000 + VAT to include attendance for 2 delegates from each practice. The purpose of this is to allow the principle to attend with his/her right-hand man/woman. From the very outset it designs and develops delegation and separation of tasks, to allow the principle to move up to a higher level of work in thinking the strategy and significant issues of the business and freeing up someone else to implement that vision on a day to day basis within the business.

The environment will be special, and the content will be special and we have new educators too for different areas as we continue to refine and improve the course.

It relaunches on the 15th July and there are 12 Slots, really hope to see you there.

You can find out more here or pop Tom an email at tom@campbellacademy.co.uk.

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