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The Finished Product

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 26/01/19 18:00

the finished product

What if I had a book that you couldn’t get online? There were limited copies of it and it was only me that was selling it. It would make you thousands of pounds a year extra in your dental business next year and the year after and the year after that.

It would teach you secrets that would allow you to pass things on to people within your business, to free yourself up to do other things that you enjoy more, both within work and without.

It would teach you new skills that you didn’t know you needed to know and it would stress you by unearthing things you realised you should have known all along.

The book would introduce you to people you’d never met who you would probably stay friends with for a long time to come and introduce you to concepts you’ve never seen that would make you re-examine yourself and the way you go about your day-to-day work. If I had that book, what would you pay for it?

What if I told you that the book was likely to make its cost back in the first third or half of reading it, therefore meaning that reading the rest of the book was free?

What if I told you that at the end of the book there was a pull-out framework, a map for the next three years specifically for you, specifically for your business? Completely bespoke to point you in the direction you wanted to go all along.

What would you pay for that?

We don’t know what we don’t know and we can’t see what we can’t see.

That book doesn’t exist so I can’t sell it to you.

It doesn’t exist because you haven’t written it yet.

If you want help writing it so that at the end of 2019 you have it in your possession and you get to keep it forever and ever and no one can copy it then we’re a few weeks away from the start of the Business Course and we’d love to see you on it.

If you want to build a modern independent dental practice that you’re proud of and that makes a difference and you want to come on the course with someone else (you must come as a pair) someone you can trust, someone you can pass things along to and bring other members of your team onto other parts of the course so they can learn too… then get in touch with Tom. He can talk you through it and see if it’s for you and it could change the direction you’re going in for the future you’re hoping for.


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Colin Campbell
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