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Strengths and weaknesses

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 13/12/20 18:00

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Over the past 3 months at TCC/TCA we’ve been trying to decide on our future for the next three years.

Our direction, our vision and the steps we will need to take to reach the summit of the next mountain.

This is a wonderful place to be considering where we were in June in thinking that there was no future and all we would do would be to scrape a mediocre existence until we were probably stamped out of business by some other external phenomenon.

We’ve launched into a really detailed process headed up by Carl Dunstan (sales and business development manager at TCC) around how to develop your strategy through a structured process that we’ve never followed before which is quite extraordinary.

One of the most enlightening parts of this process is the strengths and weaknesses analysis and what that shows and what it brings.  

Improving things that you’re already good at is one thing but acknowledging that you’re not good and trying to improve your weaknesses is something altogether different and much more transformational.

First, identifying the fact that there is so much in your business that you’re not good at is in itself a liberating exercise.

Once we had completed that exercise I wondered if there was anything good about our business at all and how we’d managed to be here for any length of time.

Once you see the weaknesses and the disadvantages that you have then the difficult work becomes on which ones to tackle first and which are more important and which will make the greatest impact upon your business.

To be able to do this openly and honestly in a group is perhaps the most important thing you can do because it removes the arrogance and the protectionism that comes with thinking that everything is fine and you can plod along as before.

Sadly, the world has changed dramatically in the last 20 years and plodding along as before really is not going to cut it anymore for many people.

And so, you can read as many business books as you like and watch as many webinars as you want but until you’re prepared to look yourself square in the face and decide what it is you actually want, be honest enough to share that and then to look at the things that are holding you back towards getting that, then you have a long way to go.

Analysing your strengths and weaknesses objectively is a tiny, small part of a huge process to develop your roadmap for the next 3 years which is unlikely to be successful because no battleplan ever stands contact with the enemy.

But the process is extraordinary and it will galvanize you and your team and allow you to cut out some of the external noise that feels like drinking from a fire hose when all you do is get your business ideas from an app on your phone.

In 2021 The Campbell Academy will run 'Building the Modern Independent Dental Practice' for the 5th time. This is an extraordinary course which is limited in numbers and includes involvement from 2 people per business for 6 2-day modules covering all aspects of dental business from finance to marketing to leadership and strategy and HR and beyond.

There are a range of speakers from different backgrounds in different areas of expertise and (Covid permitting) is an extraordinary social experience.

If this is something you might be interested in to help secure your position for the next 3 years and beyond then why not get in touch here.

P.S one exercise on the marketing module alone will pay for this course every year for the rest of your career.


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Colin Campbell
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