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It really is time to step back - story telling

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 09/04/21 18:00


I’ve been rabbiting on a bit in the blog about the Digital Dental Business Course (it’s one of my favourite things) and in this little ditty I’m going to talk about telling stories. 

More and more people in the profession are working out the fact that NHS dentistry is being screwed down and a constant flow of patients through your doors which you can then capture for other revenue streams is going to disappear. 

This means that your ability to tell the stories about who you are and what you stand for and how you can help people and take away their problems becomes more and more important. 

It's absolutely no longer about having a cheap website which people can type into google to find your opening hours. 

It’s about reach and range and brand awareness and setting out personas that you’d like to attract to your business and then how to go about telling them the story about who you are, basically the 'why' of your business. 

If you want to be cheap you can tell people you’re cheap and if you want to be expensive and of high quality you can do that too. 

If your ethical and honest you can tell that story and if you’re not you can tell that too. 

But tell a story you must and attract a constituency. 

The difficulty with marketing is that it’s a vipers nest of people who will sell you stuff that simply doesn’t work and so focusing on a basic plan for marketing your business based around return on investment and measuring what works is, in my view, the only way it can possibly happen. 

Tom Reason runs the marketing both at the Clinic and Academy and has spent these last 5 years investing heavily (through us) in becoming a digital marketing expert. He runs the show for our marketing section in the digital business course and the details are here. 

It also covers finance, HR, operations, strategy, and just all the nuts and bolts about how independent dental practices can get a little bit better. 


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Colin Campbell
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