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Fear of failure

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 09/10/19 18:00

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Every day it seems as a clinician I am terrified that something will go wrong.

It is no longer possible now to plan a case, to try and execute that case as well as you can and to change your mind part-way through.

As a surgeon, that is always a part of my work. The ability to use creative solutions when you find a different scenario after you begin the treatment than the one that you expected beforehand.

I learned how to do this with wisdom teeth and apicectomies and then carried it into implant surgery.

It now seems that, that is not acceptable and it seems that patients are expecting exactly what you say, when you said it for how much you said and will not accept anything else.

We need to get away from that.

One of the things that has helped is listening to the stories of other people who have had problems in these areas. Because of this I hoped that you might consider coming to the failure conference that we have coming up on the 15th November.

This is the third time that we have had such a conference in Nottingham and they have always been astonishing events.

We have about 60 places overall and 8 speakers lined up, including discussions about deaths from chlorhexidine mouth rinses, orthodontic failures and implant dental failures and ethics.

Our big headliner though, is Lucy Gossage, you can read about her here.

Lucy is a clinical oncologist from City Hospital in Nottingham, a “true cancer doctor”, but it just so happens that she is a world class triathlete, who has an astonishing CV of triathlon victories at long distances and stories to tell about learning from failure in triathlon and medicine.

It is fair to say that Lucy is one of the most famous triathletes that the United Kingdom has ever produced, so it will be a wonderful way to kick this off with an inspirational talk for what will be an inspirational day.

If you’re interested, the link is below. Please get in touch.


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