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Eyes down, look in …

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 05/09/21 18:00


I write this blog on the 31st of August and last night it was dark at 9pm. 

Yesterday lunchtime I went out on my bike with the boy wonder and I had leg warmers and gloves, it will probably warm up a bit for a few days but now it’s the head down to Christmas. 

We talked about this in our team meeting on Tuesday because you can approach this in one of two ways: 

  1. You can be depressed and upset and grind it out till your next holiday (maybe half-term or maybe Christmas) 
  2. You can set an agenda to make the best out of the next four months so that you’re in a much better place at Christmas than you were when you finished the summer. 

I’d like to think that I’m going to choose the second option (although my derailing personality will almost certainly push me towards the first). 

It used to be that I listed Colin Campbell day which I think was the 22nd of October. That was the day I broke psyscholoigically each year. 

That’s not going to happen this year and actually hasn’t happened for some time so it must be that I’m making progress at least in regards to that.

Once again I’m going to say that I’m going to have the best winter training that I’ve ever had (the best two winter training sessions I ever did were 2013 & 2017 so, it’s been a while). 

I’m going to eat properly, drink very little and train regularly and that’s going to put me in an extraordinary position come Christmas. 

I’m going to have some flags in the sand as we go through to break things up which are cool, like the ITI Congress in Edinburgh, The Campbell Clinic charity ball on November 6th, our Christmas night out as a team, plus all the birthdays and celebrations that our family always seem to have in the run-up to Christmas, together with the half-term holiday and a trip to see one of my best friends in the world during that time too. 

With that in place then I can start to see that the next four months could be great and there’s also tons to work on at the practice which will be brilliant in a way that we can make things better for all of us who work here and the people who come. 

In amongst that, I’ve also got a potential trip to Switzerland for work but lets see whether that goes ahead. 

So, you see how it goes, you can change the narrative or at least I can try to change mine. I can be down about the nights getting darker and the weather getting colder or I can adjust onto winter mode (not hibernation mode) and not only just make the best of it but make the very, very best of the time that I have. 

That’s the story I’m going to tell myself to lift the clouds that start to gather at this time of year when I draw a breath and think ‘how the f*ck am I going to make it until Christmas?’ 

Two more little gems that you might be interested though if you’re a dentist: 

  1. Laurence Masters master class in clear aligner technology. 

I’m not an orthodontist but I will be at this because I’m actually really keen to see what Laurence says is possible with aligners as opposed to what the companies say and how to get our team out of trouble with patients for where we promised too much. 

2) Ian Dunn master class on a contemporary understanding of all things Perio. 

This will be fantastic and is a day not to miss out on. 


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