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DID - Restorative

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 06/10/19 18:00


Previously I wrote about the surgical aspects of the DID course, you can read it here.

The second part of the course is restorative digital implant dentistry.

Clearly and for obvious reasons I won’t be teaching on that course, because that would be fraud!

The second part of the course is completely designed and directed by Andy Legg who is a man who knows his way around a PC and a Laptop and an Intraoral scanner!

Andy’s family background is in IT and he is always our go to guy to turn to for anything new in technology, he is enlisted to help Ashley Byrne for the technical elements of Digital Implant Dentistry on the course.

There is much to be considered and much to think about and there will be areas you thought you knew about that you don’t.

Together with this is the lab protocols for the production of restorations in which the restorations have the best research and the best likely hood for longevity for the different scenarios.

Design of a restoration for an upper anterior implant crown should not be the same as that for a 3-unit bridge and certainly not for a full arch bridge.

For those that have done surgery on the previous module they will be able to work on their own patients to design their own restorations and fit them during the course if they like!

To do this in a predictable environment and surrounded by all of the help you need is a wonderful way to learn and to improve and to take techniques back to work and to move your clinical practice forwards.

Full programme for the DID course is here.

We’re on hand ready to chat to you about it, if you would like to know there are 16 places, but some are already gone, and it starts in March continuing later in the year.

Just email tom@campbellacademy.co.uk for more info!

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Colin Campbell
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