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A new way to learn?

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 02/08/20 18:00

It was Malcolm Gladwell that taught me about the importance of class sizes and dynamics within classrooms in his book David and Goliath. 

Classes that are too small have no dynamic, nowhere to hide if you’re scared. Classes that are too big are impossible to manage but, in the middle, (somewhere around 25-30) there’s a dynamic in that, an energy, something that works and allows everyone to contribute in the way that they want.

Education’s changed forever.

It was changing anyway but now with the onset of forced blended learning means that we’ll have to find another way to learn, another way to assimilate information which will make us better in our world of Dentistry which is a practical skill and a trade and a place where it’s difficult to learn everything online.

During lockdown both Andy (Legg) and I enrolled on courses set up by Seth Godin. Mine was called The Bootstrapper’s Workshop which was a course about starting your own business from scratch because I knew that’s what I was doing whether I liked it or not. Andy’s was the Podcasting Workshop .

Both these course are ran in a new format for education, one which holds the students accountable for the work that they do and for their own learning.

Not something that’s spoon fed and gives you a certificate at the end that says you’re an expert whether you are or not.

They are truly extraordinary and dynamic places to learn and to find what you want to know and how you want to know it.

They’re based entirely online and you seek the material yourself and work it out with the guys that are on the course, with minimal direction from the people involved.

You get a poke in the right direction or a stimulation and off you go, it allows you to design something exactly for yourself.

I wish my kids were taught this way in school!

In October we start the new Digital Business Course, designed and stolen exactly from The Bootstrapper's and Podcasting Workshop. We’ll give you a poke with a stick and point you in the right direction to give you the foundations to build a different business to the one you have now.

If you’re interested click here, the response has been fantastic so far but if you want to be the first one to grab the badge then get in touch.


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