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Gregor McGlashan



Rosconnor Specialist Dentistry - Ballymoney 

"I would recommend this course even if you don’t place implants"

The Year Implant Course


I chose this course as I did a wee bit of research on it and I was getting a lot of good feedback so I knew it was the course to get me on the right journey. It was all about the right philosophy and not just a case of ‘teach and forget’ but about mentoring and looking after you properly following the course.

What key features of the course stood out for you?

The openness of the teaching. The teachers are not afraid about talking about mistakes or how to avoid mistakes. There is a real feeling about it rather than an artificial feeling. They talk about the issues that other people don’t want to talk about, they don’t flash up all the perfect cases and instead show you the cases that have gone wrong, how they have gone wrong, how to correct them and how to avoid them.

Would you recommend the course?

I would recommend this course even if you don’t place implants. What you would pick up from this course about how to run your practice or how to organise your practice or how to organise what you do as an associate. What you’d pick up would be unbelievable even if you don’t place an implant and would change how you practise.

Amit and Mumta

Business Course delegates 

Andrew Isaac

Year Implant Course delegate 

Aoife and Tony

Business Course delegates 

Chris Navarro

Business Course delegate 

Johnny Stroud

Year Implant Course delegate 

Ross and Morag

Business Course delegates 

Gregor McGlashan

Year Implant Course delegate