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Shaun Sellars
by Shaun Sellars on Oct 16, 2018 11:00:00 AM


The Last Tuesday Project


So here we are, a week or so on from the launch of Incisive Decisive. Colin’s on a lecture tour of China, and I’m ill with a dose of man flu which I’m having difficulty shaking.

I’m really happy with the response our first two episodes have had. If you’ve not had a chance to listen to them yet, then stop what you’re doing and head over to IncisiveDecisive.com right now and rectify the situation.

As Colin mentioned on our first episode, I’m also the cohost of another podcast. The Last Tuesday Project (so named because our episodes go out on the Last Tuesday of every month) is more a chaotic exploration of the evidence behind a variety of fairly everyday things. Previous topics have included the 11-plus examination, the Icelandic language and they mystery of numbers stations.

We also have an extra episode every month, the topic of which tends to vary. This month, it had a definite dental and ethical focus.

As part of my Masters’, I had to produce a podcast on ethics, and I roped in Alex and Hayley from TLTP to help. After recording it, we had a bit of a chat about ethics in general, it especially in relation to healthcare.

There's a bit of discussion on human rights, and if homeopathy should be funded on the NHS.

I thought you might like a listen, so here’s the first, and possibly only, iDxTLTP crossover episode.

You can find the episode here, or find it in your podcast app of choice by searching for 'Incisive Decisive'

Alternatively you can listen to it here:


If you like what you hear (and why wouldn’t you‽) then head over LastTuesdayProject.com and have a listen to a few of our other episodes. Oh, and our next main episode has a definite dental angle, but you haven’t heard that from me.

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Shaun Sellars
Written by Shaun Sellars
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