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Your first Marathon

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 23/03/20 18:00

I ran a marathon once.

It was in 2015.

It was at the end of a triathlon and the only one I ever managed.

It’s hard to run a marathon at the best of times I’m sure, but it was particularly hard that day after what had come before.

I was prepared though, I thought about it and I understood that it was going to be difficult but the what I would have at the end would be worth it.

I prepared for it the best I could, even though I was stepping into the unknown of something I had never done before.

I have the equipment that I thought I needed, the preparation I thought was required and support from many other people, in lots of other ways.

When I started out at the end of the lake at Holme Pierrepont it felt good, the start always feels good, you always feel enthusiastic about what you want to achieve.

The middle was terrible, really quite difficult and it was only when the finish line was actually in sight, and I could actually appreciate what I had achieved that it felt good.

Afterwards it was extraordinary, for a short period of time and then it descended back into normality.

The Campbell Clinic stopped all routine emergency treatment today and left space only for dire dental emergencies.

To protect our brothers and sisters on the front-line of NHS healthcare in any way we could was overwhelming.

We’ve trained for this though (even though we didn’t know it), we have the kit and we have the support.

This start bit is easy because we are enthusiastic about making a difference, it will be the middle bit that’s hard.

When the finish line is in sight, it will be exhilarating and after that we will celebrate and then fall back into normality.

That’s because, that is how it always is, whether you are running a marathon or trying to make a little dent in society or positivity at one of the darkest times.

Much love to everyone and stay safe x


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Colin Campbell
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