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Wish you were here

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 16/07/21 18:00


There is a quote on the inspiration wall in The Campbell Academy attributed to Bob Marley (that is a cool person to have a quote on your wall by). 

It goes something along the lines of ‘beginnings are scary and endings are usually sad, it’s the bits in the middle that are most important’. 

Today is Friday and I’m staring at the wall in my office at a placemat that my friend Alex brought back from Ventoux when a group of us completed a 3-day stage race there from the 4th-6th of October 2019. 

It was the last time that I really, really hurt myself on a bike and there’s a picture of two riders climbing the slopes and I can remember what I felt like on the third day trying to climb those slopes as fast as I could. 

I remember too the excitement and the fear of sitting in Luton airport with the boys as we were flying out to Ventoux, wondering if I’d even get up the mountain once over those three days and I remember the abject depression of returning back when it was all finished wondering if that was the last time I’d ever have the chance to do something like that. 

Right now it’s crazy busy with many challenges to overcome and many roadblocks in the way of ever climbing a proper mountain on a bike again. 

But right now I’m in the middle. 

I’m not scared and I’m not sad but I know that at the other end now, if I’m given the opportunity to sit in my dotage and re-read these blogs and remember the things that I did and tell tales to people younger than me like they cannot understand, I wish I was here today, wrestling with the challenges and the difficulties and the excitement and the opportunities of the things ahead. 


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Colin Campbell
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