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When your time is up

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 10/11/21 18:00


For most things there’s a cycle of 5-7 years or thereabouts. 

It starts with huge enthusiasm and ends like a damp squib, with no enthusiasm or motivation to complete tasks related to the project. 

The bit in the middle is often wonderful and sometimes terrible but knowing that you’re done, being sure about that, means it’s time to move on and to either let someone else take over or let it close. 

I see this with projects time and time again. 

Projects are everywhere, pretty much everything in our life is a project. 

I see it with parenting, I see it with marriages, I see it with businesses, I see it with people whose wish is to get fitter or healthier or better, I see it with careers. 

For the very, very special things in our lives, it’s worth invigorating the project when it starts to fade. 

For many others though, it’s best to chuck it and move on to the new one that you’re enthusiastic about. 


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Colin Campbell
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