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When we return to abnormal

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 18/06/20 18:00

“A fire a fire, you can only take what you can carry” – Snow Patrol. 

Wherever you are in the cycle of 2020 we are heading towards a situation where we return to a pace of life which is as it was before.

Some have not left that pace and managed to sustain both a work rate and a level of income which is consistent to where they were before but many have experienced an extraordinary alteration of life and the pace of life and the experiences within it.

I don’t think the question is ‘when will we get back to normal?’, I think the question is ‘when will we get back to abnormal?’.

Over the past 20 years or so we have seen everything accelerate into speeds which are clearly breaking society and humanity.

We strive to earn more money than we can handle, to use more of our time than we actually have to break our brains in the pursuit of having and getting.

The first lockdown in 2020 showed us a different way.

While this may not be completely sustainable in that form there are clearly significant elements that could be kept and protected and treasured.

Success here is not (at least in my eyes) returning back to that situation as it was before, success is a new abnormal.


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