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When the GDC came 2.0 - Part 1

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 17/11/20 18:00

At the end of January and start of February 2015 I published a series of blogs called ‘When the GDC came – One person’s view of a process'.

On Thursday this week I will speak (online) to an ITI Study Club about that experience and I'll do the same next week too, I thought it was not possible to continue speaking about it unless I began to tell the story of my second and recent case.  These pages will recount that story.

That told the story of my GDC case (my first one!) and my view of the process at that time which was quite clearly less than ideal. 

Ultimately, we published an eBook on our website about that which you can read here, which has been quite popular and helpful to many people.

The response to those blogs was overwhelming and I suppose culminated in a lecture on the main stage at The British Dental conference in 2016 where I cried in front of 1000 people!

Following the lecture in Manchester I vowed I’d never talk about it again but over time I was able to do that and I’ve been privileged enough to go around the country giving a version of that lecture over time as recently as Exeter in January, and right before Coronavirus I did it virtually for Oxford.

The lecture to the Oxford’s British Dental Association group was scheduled for the 4th March this year. I had contacted the organizer for this immediately beforehand to suggest that I did it virtually as we were ramping up our experience of Covid-19. Exactly a week before that I had been able to host the first ever (and so far the only) full staff meeting in our brand new Academy facility at The Campbell Clinic for my team who had been through the mill for months trying to get us into the new building. 

Our world was just turning upside down and our backs were already against the wall as it was becoming evident that things were going to get pretty bad in the global pandemic.

During that staff meeting we covered our standard agenda, part of which is a discussion of any pending patient complaints.

We hadn’t had anything for ages, but it was brought to my attention during the meeting that we had received a significant complaint which was handed to me at the end. 

This series of blogs is about that complaint journey, taking into consideration what happened the last time in 2013/2014/2015.

It’s designed to look at this process and to help other people see it, take comfort from it and learn from it.

This series of blogs is not about becoming famous, nor is it about doing a lecture at The British Dental Conference to 1000 people, nor is it about travelling around the country to talk to people about general dental council cases.

This series of blogs is a continuation of the process of shedding a light where there is darkness, of being human in a time where humanity is the thing we need the most.

This series of blogs is to show you that it’s ok to be fallible, to be scared, to be upset, to cry, to be stressed and to talk openly to other people about things that are going on and what concerns you and most of all; to ask for help.

When I wrote the last series of blogs in 2015 I was very, very angry.

Because of everything that’s happened to me since then and all the things that I have seen and done; I come at this from a very different angle.

It’s a privilege to be able to write this and I would like anyone who sees it’s benefit to share it with anyone who might be helped.

If you want to contact me about it I will try my best to answer.

Above all else, dentists are healthcare professionals who are sworn to look after people to the best of their ability. Sometimes the best of their ability just isn’t good enough for someone else and other times sh*t just happens and things f*ck up.

When you cross that with a society which sometimes, seemingly a lot of the time, will not accept anything other than perfection it means that we’re all going ride this road, we’re all going to fend off the attacks.

Better that the good guys get together and help each other and more importantly help the people in our profession who are more vulnerable to attack, who are less strong, who are more susceptible to the damage that’s caused by the revenge culture.

Buckle up though if you decide to read on for the rest of the series because it’s not really for the faint-hearted.

The following articles contain scenes of gratuitous violence, sex and adult language etc etc.


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