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When it Counts

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 09/05/18 18:00


Arsenal FC won 5-0 against Burnley FC at the Emirates stadium last Sunday.

By all accounts they were irresistible, skilful and it was beautiful to watch…

… when it didn’t matter.

The Thursday before in Madrid they only needed 1 goal to take the game to extra time and a lottery for a place in the European final in Wenger’s last season but they couldn’t have brought a goal even if they had a billion pounds.

The Arsenal squad is full of ‘super stars’ who wear gold boots and whose hair is perfectly manicured but their job is to do it when it counts and they didn’t, and couldn’t.

Lots and lots of people can do it when it matters very little or not at all.

Value comes when you can produce what is required when it really matters.


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Colin Campbell
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