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When it comes off

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 01/05/21 18:00


The problem with making difficult decisions is that they are difficult. 

The problem with making difficult decisions is you have to face down the possibility that the decision you make will be wrong and it might leave you in a worse position (at least for the short term) than the easy route of not making the difficult decision. 

Sometimes though, the difficult decision and a difficult conversation reaps the rewards that you hoped and catapults you to a place you could have hardly believed. 

At those stages, it’s worth the times when it didn’t work and the best guide to navigate through the difficult decisions is principles and values. 

Continuing to return to your principles and values to make difficult decisions to inform your future progress is much more likely to result in you getting to the place you’re trying to get to (or at least close) than the alternative which is to abandon your principles and values to take easier decisions. 

Good luck, you’ll need it. 


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Colin Campbell
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