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What's in the name

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 13/09/21 18:00


Twice in the last two days I’ve felt joy and seen significant progress in something just by asking a stranger their name. 

At the football yesterday we played a team which have been historically terrible but this time I decided to ask the coach his name before the start of the game and (even though we lost) we had the most fun and the best camaraderie at a football game for ages. 

Today when I got to work I asked the window cleaner what his name was and it turns out it’s his business. 

He’s agreed to help us out by cleaning stuff around the practice that isn’t actually our windows and probably because I asked him his name. 

I heard it said once that the most beautiful sound in the world is the sound of our own name. 

Try it, it works. 

What’s your name again? 


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Colin Campbell
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