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What comes next?

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 01/04/21 18:00


I think it was 2013 or maybe even before; that I did a video presentation to the ITI Congress somewhere in Europe. 

At that stage the ITI had a position called 'Communications Officer' (basically marketing) and each section of the ITI worldwide had a Communications Officer who’s job it was to promote the section and to try to improve membership numbers. 

At that stage I was the Communications Offer for the ITI UK & Ireland. 

One of the prerequisites of the job was to attend the ITI World Congress in the meeting of Communications Officers but I just couldn’t be arsed (and for that read, I couldn’t get permission to leave from my wife). 

I came up with the idea of suggesting that the Communications Officers involved in communication could use modern methods of communication in order to communicate, therefore making communication more effective. 

To that end, I suggested I do a video presentation to the group which met with some strict resistance but ultimately was forced through.

I was able to do a video lecture to the group of Communications Officers who were situated somewhere in Europe and it was a very successful exercise. 

That was at least 8 years ago. 

Afterwards we suggested that we could communicate like this more and it was put back by the ITI saying that there was nothing as good as face-to-face communication and they wouldn’t be moving in that direction. 

How the world has changed!

Who would have thought that we’d be able to force other people to wear a mask in public or better still, go into a bank with a hat on and a buff over our face and still get served and not get shot. 

Who would have thought people would buy cars without test driving them and simply buy them straight offline.

Who would have thought people would have been able to stay at home for months at a time and the economy keep running to some degree. 

Who would have thought Canary Wharf would be empty. 

Who would have thought we could have taken children out of school for what amounts to three quarters of an academic year and educate them at home and pretend everything was ok. 

Who would have thought the government would suggest that you’re not allowed to travel or go into a pub before you’d taken some government sponsored medicine and there wouldn’t be an outcry and people would clamber for that to make sure they’d had it, so that their life could be returned to some sort of normal. 

What's done is done and what’s gone is gone but what’s interesting is what comes next. 


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Colin Campbell
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