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Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 19/03/20 10:37

Chris Barrow set up a Webinar tonight to talk about the madness that’s going on.

He’s put some people on there who might be able to help, including a Dental Accountant called Alan Suggett, Mark Topley; who has a view of the world that’s different to everybody else’s and Simon Thackeray; who is one of the best people I know to cut through the c**p and get to the point. There are other guys on the panel that I don’t know but I’m sure if Chris has put them on, they’re well worth their seat.

It’s an open for all Webinar, it starts tonight at 7 o’clock and we have cancelled our virtual peer review group and suggested that everybody from our gang goes into this one.

If you haven’t heard about it, you will probably get some sensible panic free advice on how to move forwards from here.

If nothing else, it might keep you off social media for a couple of hours which can only be a good thing.

Maybe see you there.

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