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Washing Dishes

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 05/09/18 18:00

Isn’t it funny that washing dishes has become a chore?

I live in one of those houses where you’re ‘not allowed’ to put all the dishes in the dishwasher, I know that is not the case across the board.

But, in our house there are still plenty of dishes to wash each night and it’s me that washes them.

It’s an interesting job that, you can turn it around to be something which doesn’t seem so bad and doesn’t seem like a chore. You can put the radio on or listen to a book and have a bit of time to yourself washing the dishes as well as taking pride in what you’re doing.

Also, you’re cleaning the tools you use to cook your food.

There are not a lot of things that are more important than the food that you eat and therefore not a lot of things more important than the ‘weapons’ you use to do so with.

The better the food that you make often means the more tools you use, so it should be seen as the more dishes you have to do you the better you have eaten. That should be a positive thing.

Exactly at what point did it become more important to watch Love Island than it did to clean the things that you cook your food with?

When you re badge it and look at it that way it is a little bit ridiculous, and also the opportunity to listen to things like podcasts or books while you wash the dishes might just make your life a little bit better than watching sh*t on television.


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Colin Campbell
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