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Vaginoplasty and tooth gems

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 06/01/19 18:00


Perhaps Vaginoplasty will become the defining surgical procedure of our era that separates out the doctor from the beauty therapist.

For dentistry, it started with tooth gems back in the early 2000s and I’m ashamed to say I did fit a tooth gem then before I stopped.

If you are unfortunate enough to read these pages with any consistency you will understand that I come back to the theme of healthcare provider versus beauty therapist time and time and again under one guise or another. An article I read recently about Vaginoplasty (from the angle of medical ethics you understand… not for recreation!!) made me sit up and think again.

There is nothing in the Hippocratic Oath which makes Vaginoplasty reasonable. Therefore, if you did swear the Hippocratic Oath you will first have to cast it aside because you undertake the surgery of Vaginoplasty.

It’s all fine and good to do that and that is your choice, but it’s probably best to let your patients know you have decided to practice in that way before you do.

The same applies to those of us who started on the tooth gem route, passed rapidly down the tooth whitening route and then to the cosmetic veneer and facial aesthetics route.

There is nothing in the Hippocratic Oath or the Dental Hippocratic Oath which covers facial aesthetics.

Nothing in the social contact which we are privileged to hold with society suggests we should provide treatment such as that which is of no discernible benefit to the patient more than putting on a new dress or a hat.

We definitely stand at a cross roads (at least I hope we are still standing there and have not already taken the wrong turn)

We’re in the position where we must decide whether we are surgeons or beauty therapists because we can’t be both and one excludes the other.

It will be important for us to start to cast adrift procedures which fall into the camp opposite to the one we have decided to reside in and some will find that harder than others.

It is a general tenent of medicine that you should be able to fix the majority of the damage you cause by the treatment you provide before having to send it on to someone else.

There are odd occasions for all of us where this is not possible but in general terms, if we can’t do the time we shouldn’t do the crime.

I’m afraid the possible complications from Vaginoplasty, cosmetic venereology and facial aesthetics massively outweigh the possible benefits for the long term for the individual patient and true healthcare providers would see that that is a risk that was not possible to take.


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Colin Campbell
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