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Up hill to Exeter

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 12/02/20 18:00

up hill to exeter

Just because it is difficult doesn’t mean you stop.

As this blog is published, I will be arriving in Exeter to speak at the Exeter and District section - British Dental Association about my GDC case and the aftermath and the GDC in its current state.

This is the third day of the practice being open after the worst storms that we've had in 10 years, snow and the main artery through Nottingham being closed for 5 day's now.

About 50% of our patients cancelled on our first day of operation because of the roads and the wind and the building site was blown apart on Wednesday.

But I am still here in Exeter, talking to dozens of Dentists about how to survive and thrive in the toxic environment of over-regulation on the defense of dentistry.

Why did I not cancel this?

Why did I not spend the time improving my own practice and making it better for my own team and my own patients.

The truth is that trying to help never stops.

The truth is that it is always easier to find a reason not to do the right thing and not to do the thing that makes a difference.

I know these talks make a difference which is why I will be heading to Oxford next month to do the same one.

I booked these a long time ago, in fact about a year ago and it would have been easier to phone the people up or email them and say “I am really sorry, but you have to understand what is going on in my life”.

That won’t make it any easier for the one or two or more people who are sat in the audience at these talks going through their own GDC nightmare.

As difficult as it is, as it has been to get our practice open, it is less difficult than a GDC case.


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