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Understanding what is required…

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 06/10/21 18:00


Last weekend myself and some of our team went to the ITI Congress in Edinburgh for the most fantastic trip away. 

I travelled up early on Thursday and then just spent the weekend meeting friends I’ve not seen for the longest time, having fun (too much) and meeting amazing people and seeing amazing presentations and hearing amazing stories. 

As you get older and I’ve been to many of these congresses, there are many aspects of it which seem the same as things you’ve seen before and so it’s important to seek out the brilliant things (that you always can) that change and alter your view of your practice. 

One of the things it was easy to see in meeting so many talented and amazing people was understanding what is required to be brilliant. 

As we always strive to be a bit better and suffer with our own insecurities and imposter syndrome, it’s amazing to be able to speak to people close up who are doing astonishing things in all aspects of implant dentistry. 

I met Rachel Jackson who I haven’t seen for ages who had an art exhibition there for some of the stuff she’s produced. Her work is incredible and she is so committed to her vision of changing the world through her art and education it’s humbling. 

I met countless clinicians who are doing amazing things in different directions, including stuff on social legacy projects or stuff on clinical projects or team training or just inspiration overall. 

I saw some of the high-level guys and was able to sit at a dinner or in the bar talking to people about their journey and what they did and what they do and understanding the sacrifices required to get to what some people will define as ‘success’. 

This is really important work because it’s one thing to covet what someone else has but it’s an entirely different thing to understand what is required to get to what they have. 

Quite simply some of the stories I heard were wonderful but I never want to do what is required to be the people that I met in those circumstances. 

People often gloss over what was required by people like Andre Agassi or Roger Federer or Ed Clancy (a multi world champion and olympic champion cyclist that I might get the chance to meet on Saturday) what they had to do to get to the place of success. 

I’ll take everything I tried to learn from the weekend and roll it all up into a cocktail and try again to apply it to be a little bit better for the next time. 


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Colin Campbell
Written by Colin Campbell
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