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Under the mattress

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 08/04/21 18:00


The concept of paying things forward is something I’ve written about in these pages tons and tons over the past 8 years and and something that’s been on my mind a lot over the past few weeks. 

I found myself telling a story (again) of my finance advisor and friend Kevin Holleron, who started to look after my family and me for financial matters almost 20 years ago. 

Kevin has been a stalwart on our courses and we've introduced him to many, many dentists to help them change their lives in the way that Kevin changed ours and I think he was perhaps one of the people that taught me the most about paying things forwards. 

Worth remembering though that this analogy about money relates to everything and paying it forward isn't just about saving in the bank, it’s about how you spend your time and who you give that time to and how you make things better for all of us, so that 5 years from now it’s a little bit better. 

When I first met Kevin, I had a current account and a tax account and I was a self-employed associate. 

Kevin introduced the concept of paying it forward by suggesting we use an offset mortgage account as a tax account. 

Kevin allowed me to pay the mortgage off on my house before I could possibly have imagined and that paying it forward allowed us to start paying other things forward which fell over itself and fell over itself and got better and better over two decades. 

The same thing happens seeing patients in the practice and looking after them and realising 20 years on, when people return having previously had things done; to have more things done and just to introduce their family and their families family and their friends of their family to come and see you because you paid it forwards 20 years ago. 

Health is another thing you can do it with while being mindful that all of those things are paying it forwards. 

If we could lift our heads up from the hamster wheel for just a few minutes and wonder how we could do something today that would make it better for us (and maybe for everybody else) 5 years from now, that would be a good thing to do daily. 

Stick it under the mattress and get to it later. 


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Colin Campbell
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