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Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 26/05/22 18:00


So much seems to have happened this year, so many things to process, so much I’d love to remember and perhaps one or two things I’d rather forget.

This is the hard bit isn’t it?

I spent the morning on Monday working in the little shed at the back of my garden. That’s the picture attached to this blog.

In an ideal world (and this morning was ideal) I start my week by getting up at about 6.30am, taking my new daily tablets that I’ll take for the rest of my life plus the other tablets that I take electively to make me a bit better and I have a coffee and I read the paper.

Just after 7am I take the dogs out for about 30 minutes and I come back and get on the bike in the shed and ride for 60 minutes, sometimes hard and sometimes not.

Then I go and have a shower and eat my breakfast and then park myself in the shed.

Sometimes I can’t and I have to go in to see a patient or for a meeting but more and more I’m protecting this Monday to set up what’s coming next and to let me continue to travel.

I’m surrounded by things in here that remind me of other things and none of it reminds me of work.

There are things that I’ve been given as presents when I did something nice, there are T-shirts I’ve got when I’ve completed things that were hard and there’s a big sign that I stole from the roadside when the tour of Britain passed up my street and a memory that I share with my son.

All of these things remind me of travelling, of the things I’ve seen as I’ve passed along the road.

On Monday I answered dozens of emails (by talking into this machine that I’m talking into now) but I also planned things and chose things that I’ll do next and later.

Whilst I was doing this though I was remembering a chance meeting with 2 friends when Alison and I were walking the dogs just a couple of days ago.

They’re a husband-and-wife couple and she is a real highflyer but him a little bit less so.

He lost his job a few years ago and had 18 months out of work but they managed, and he was really happy and now he’s back at work but he’s still happy.

It made me think about the ups and downs about times where you might not have anything to do and all the times that you will.

It made me think that all we chase is growth and efficiency and effectiveness and task completion and status and affirmation from other sources when by far and away the best possible thing that we can do is just travel.


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Colin Campbell
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