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Too busy to say thanks

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 22/03/21 18:00


It’s been mental for everybody this year, in one way or another. 

For me and for the last 6 or 8 months, I’ve found myself chasing my tail backwards and forwards all of the time and being so distracted as to never be able to focus on anything for any period of time. 

We should be grateful for this, that we have a job and that things are busy but I’ve found myself losing some of the fundamental things that I held dear to. 

I used to be able to say thank you to people or to email them after they’d come to see us or talk for us or in all sorts of other circumstances and then I find I can’t get to my communication or correspondence. 

These are the things that in long run are the most important things but in the short-term fail to be important. 

Success for me is getting back to saying thanks. 


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Colin Campbell
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