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Thirty Minutes

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 27/06/19 18:00

sand timer

So, this Friday, I travel to Yorkshire in Humber DFT’s to give a lecture of 30 minutes of motivation at the start of the career in dentistry based on dental implants.

30 minutes.

30 minutes?

What do you say in 30 minutes? Tell a group of dentists that size, to make a difference to at least some of them, to point them in a different direction?

How many slides do you use? What stories do you tell?

It’s all about the stories isn’t it, it’s all about emotional connection over a short period of time.

If you’re looking 25 years back down the line, towards them, over a rocky landscape with highs and lows and disasters and heartache and brilliant, brilliant experiences.

It’s difficult though, isn’t it?

Why would a group like this, listen to someone old and worn out like me? Would I have listened to someone like me?

Why would they listen to a guy who disengaged from all communications and who doesn’t understand what it’s like to be them?

The biggest lectures on the biggest stages to the most amount of people are often the easiest.

Generally, they’re faceless, you’ll never see the people again, makes no impact.

Smaller ones, the shorter ones, the ones designed for something other than teaching a clinical skill, those might be some of the hardest things to do, with the greatest responsibility.

It will take me a while to think about this one, to get this one right.

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