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Things that we seem to be teaching our children (or that they're learning anyway)

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 17/06/19 18:00


  1. Broken systems are too hard to fix (NHS/Legal system/Financial system) so let’s not fix them…
  2. Capitalism has been here forever and there’s no other way (it’s only been around for about 100 years).
  3. Consumption = status = winning.
  4. Other people’s views of you are the most important views.
  5. Face to face communication is too hard.
  6. Failure is toxic.
  7. Rejection is unacceptable.

Things that might be worth while trying to teach your kids.

  1.  Resilience. 
  2. Running from failure.
  3. Small guys can win.
  4.  Longevity.
  5. Face to face connection is wonderful.
  6. It takes rejection to learn acceptance.

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