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Themes, colours and moods

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 30/01/19 18:00


It’s interesting looking and thinking back to the blog as it moves towards its 2000th posting - wondering about all the time I have spent and the emotional energy I have invested in writing something…for what?

I can go back to the beginning and read blogs about why I am writing a blog from the very start, but as I look through the titles and the content of what I have done before, it’s clear that there are themes and moods that run through the blog depending on where I am in my life and what is going on or has recently happened.

That was always the way I wanted it to be.

A letter to myself that I can go back and read when it’s all over (whatever that means) to see where I was and what I was prepared to release out of the craziness inside my head.

With that in mind, one of the themes at the moment and the themes going forwards will be how we use our time and how so very few people seem to understand the finite nature of time as far as I can see.

Riding the bike in the shed the other day I was watching Game of Thrones (I have been trying to catch up for about 12 months now) it was the scene where the Head Septon was explaining to Margaery that he used to be a cobbler who made fine shoes and sold them to the aristocracy.

He was explaining that he didn’t sell shoes, he sold time, because it took so much of his time to make the shoes that that’s what he was giving across. In fact, this is always the case.

So recently I had a conversation in the practice where we were talking about Seth Godin’s blog and saying it was so easy to read the short ones and difficult to read the long ones.

The long ones are the best ones though and his recent blog on customer service is quite outstanding but it took about five minutes to read. It’s funny how there are stages in my life where I think I just don’t have that time.

When did I cross the line where I don’t have time to read the thing I want to read for five minutes?

When did it become so that I was counting my sections of time in minutes instead of hours or days and trying to shoe horn things in all over the place and doing nothing well.

I thought (think?) that I have a handle on this and how to use my time and how to best spend it but there are times when it seems that I just give it all away for nothing for so many people that eat me instead of feed me.

Quite a considerable time ago I gave up my daily pilgrimage to Facebook or my fascicle pursuit of Twitter followers, way before Instagram even came along and with that huge amount of time cast out of my life, I still don’t have the time to do what I want so I’m not sure how anybody fits that in to any degree.

I hardly ever watch the TV at night, in fact that is an extreme rarity in my house, yet still I don’t have the time to do the things I want so I don’t know how people get to watch Netflix.

Perhaps it’s just that I am a busy fool who will fill my time with anything rather than be idle, but I don’t think that’s the case.

I think what I’m trying to do is filter my inputs as much as I can so that at least the majority of the time I am spending on things is worthwhile.

One of my great projects going forwards is engagement with people that I work with locally, perhaps a little bit wider than that too, but in truth it’s so difficult to get anybody’s attention because everybody is head down and trying to survive the stream of noise that is coming 24 hours a day.

So, going forwards some of the blogs will sound like that, my thoughts about that and what I’m trying to do to change things around to block out most of the noise and only let in the little bits.

Watch here to see if it works!!


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Colin Campbell
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