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The work of work (thanks to Carl for introducing me to this)

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 08/03/21 18:00


In times of overwhelm (which for many is all the time) the vast majority of the time is spent organising the list (or the list of the lists). 

Imagine you could take the time to step back and use modern technology to cut out 80% of the work of work. 

Imagine you could do that for you and your team. 

Imagine a situation where you put a task down once and never had to reorganise or reassign again. 

Imagine a situation where you started a meeting or a project or a process and there was already a template that lead you through the process to completion. 

In the Clinic and Academy now there are heading towards 45 people and all of our work is interlinked and one piece affects another which affects another. 

A lot of the time is spent ‘meeting’ and as is the way; these are scheduled meetings for an hour a time where we sit around and drink coffee and talk about the stuff that has to be done and someone takes minutes and there are action points which are emailed out and then people get the work done. 

That’s not the way modern businesses work and it’s certainly not the way all business will work. 

For the next year now, our ‘work of work’ is to remove the work of work. This process is difficult and challenging and time consuming but spending the time now, getting the foundations strong will propel us far into the future. 


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Colin Campbell
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