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The University of Edinburgh

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 28/06/19 18:00


Many people of a certain age and when I say a certain age, I mean my age or above, will have done this trip in one form or another.

On Sunday evening, Grace and I travelled up the East coast main line to Edinburgh to view her first University open day at the University there.

It was nothing short of an extraordinary day on the Monday, we stayed in the University halls of residence just to get an ideas of what the accommodation was like and then we walked to the Kings Campus to view the biology department (its posh name is – Biological sciences).

We would later that day go on to find medical sciences, which I was much more interested in at the time, but I was wrong. The biological sciences department was one of the most fantastic places I have visited for a long time, because of the air or curiosity, because of the smell of academia, because of the attitude of the people there and because of the possibilities.

The teaching environments are quite extraordinary, and I have taken several things that I saw on Monday back to the guys in the academy to help us develop the experience of people that come to us.

The whole infrastructure of university was incredible and the city itself, bathed in sunshine on Monday, was absolutely beautiful, it was, without a shadow of a doubt, a masterclass in marketing, it would be hard to see anybody that left that day from the open day, not envisaging them self-there for their under graduate student career.

They have other places to go and see, but the bar has been set very high and the level of inspiration is so great that they will have to work really hard to better that.

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Colin Campbell
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