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The Sh** storm – here it comes again

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 08/10/18 18:00


I have written before about this week’s crisis, and there is always a ‘this week’s crisis’ and generally this week it seems like a bad thing.

From time to time though the sh** storm arrives and that’s when ‘this week’s crisis’ becomes a living, breathing thing which you know is going to last for weeks or months or even longer.

How to deal with the sh** storm?

The first and most important thing to do is to write it down. That’s critical because it allows you to think in a different way about the storm itself and its components and possible solutions – who you need to speak to and actions you need to instigate.

It allows you to be objective, even to run a line down an A4 piece of paper and write pros and cons, and just to start to break down some sort of minor strategy that will allow you to navigate through the immediate part of the sh** storm, the medium part of the sh** storm and the long-term part.

During this time, it’s really important to reframe the story and reframe the crisis. We get the choice to tell the tale and to reframe it however we want.

Remember that old story about the difference between nerves and excitement… it’s nothing, it’s just different names for the same thing.

Tell that to a group of boys about to play a big football match and it changes the dynamic of the group. When one of them says they’re nervous, tell them they’re not, they’re actually excited and excitement is good. Watch their faces change as they realise you have changed entirely the dynamic of the atmosphere by changing one word.

In the sh** storm when things look terrible there is always a positive to be had somewhere. There is always an opportunity to be seized and always a chance to burn some part of the thing down and rebuild it with a better thing, remembering the mistakes and the lessons you learned as you built the last one (which is dead)

The sh** storm is death. Long live the sh** storm.


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Colin Campbell
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