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The Schism

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 23/07/20 18:00

A split or division between strongly opposed sections or parties, caused by differences in opinion or belief.

Here it comes.

Times of great turmoil create times of great division.

It’s counter-intuitive and when we should be coming together as a society, as strongly and as effectively as possible so we will divide.

It’s true as a country and will be true as a profession and everything I write reflects back to both of those things because I live in one and work in another.

There will be rich and there will be poor and there will be little in-between. The bottom will fall out of the middle.

In Dentistry there will be survivors and there will be casualties.

There will be people who work their way through and there will be people who cannot be arsed to work their way through.

The young dentists who are emerging now from dental school or from their first year of dental foundation training will ask “What do we do next and how do we get there?” and the answer is always “be in the top 10%”.

There are some places where we must help (rich vs poor) and some places where we cannot.

If you do not know on which side of the divided you sit, you almost certainly sit on the good side because you would certainly know if you didn’t. If you find that you sit on the good side it is perhaps your responsibility to help two people on the bad side therefore creating opportunity for more and division for less.

Like it or don’t like it but it is the way it will become.

As my great friend Peter Buchan wrote in an email to me “Be not afraid”.


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