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The perfect business

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 02/04/21 18:00


… Makes substantial profit. 

… Contributes to the local and world community 

… Allows you to do inspirational and stimulating and rewarding work.

… Allows you to develop an engaged team. 

… Feeds you and improves your health instead of eating you and damaging your health. 

… Blurs the differential between work and home so that everything seems to be fun. 

… solves peoples problems. 

… Solves your problems. 

In parts of Japan they call it Ikigai, it’s possible to build stuff like this but it’s hard and I think that is the point. 

Any fool can start a business that makes money without consideration of any of the other points. 

It’s trying to develop something that feeds you and feeds everybody else at the same time while improving your health and not exhausting you which is the tricky part. 

If it was easy everybody would do it. 


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